If you’ve been watching The Bachelor for quite some time, you’ve probably already heard of the phrase “she’s not there for the right reasons” more than a few times. Of course, season 18 is no exception. According to rumors, Juan Pablo Galavis need to watch out for a couple of ladies with questionable intentions. Read on to find out more.

Sharleen and Cassandra’s Wrong Reasons

Life and Style reports that opera singer Sharleen Joynt and former NBA dancer Cassandra Ferguson didn’t sign up on The Bachelor for the right reasons. Sharleen, who got a rose from Juan Pablo despite of her revelation that she’s not ready to think about children, “doesn’t have real feelings for Juan Pablo,” according to a source. “She lives in Germany and always planned on going back there. She doesn’t want to get married and have a child. She’s putting her career first right now,” the source added.

Cassandra, on the other hand, is allegedly not looking for love. “She was just there to make her ex [Detroit Pistons’ Rodney Stuckey], who has a new girlfriend, notice. She wanted to make him jealous. Cassandra’s one of the craziest girls of the season. She is absolutely nuts,” another source revealed.

Elise’s Revelations

Elise Mosca, the first-grade teacher from Pennsylvania who was eliminated last week on The Bachelor, shared her thoughts on Juan Pablo and his remaining bachelorettes.

On Juan Pablo’s refusal to kiss girls on the group date: “That was an interesting moment. Juan Pablo was saying he didn’t want to add to his list of kissed girls because of his daughter. He had already kissed six, and he was trying to keep his numbers low. He did let down Lauren easily that way, but at the same time, clearly he was into Clare and he already kissed her on the first date… What else was he going to say to Lauren? If he didn’t want to kiss her, he didn’t want to kiss her. It is a little misleading.” 

On what she thinks of fellow contestant Nikki: “Nikki and I got along, but we’re different people. Her sarcasm is extremely negative, and I don’t handle myself that way. She saw the worst in every experience – complaining about the date, complaining about the hotel room. Losing my mother, I have been through the worst, so to say that a group date is the worst moment of her life was very hurtful to me”.

On who she thinks are the front runners: “He seems to really have chemistry with Sharleen. She’s a magnetic person who is being open and honest with her feelings. I don’t know if they are necessarily right for each other. They are so different, but sometimes opposites attract. I love Renee. I think Renee would embrace being a stepmother. She’s a great mother and a sweet person, but I’m not sure what Juan Pablo is really looking for.”

Meanwhile, Elise isn’t the only one who thinks that Sharleen is currently the front runner. Bachelor host Chris Harrison also shared his thoughts on the Sharleen-Juan Pablo pairing. 

“I find them to be the most puzzling and intriguing couple this season,” Chris Harrison wrote on his blog. “Juan Pablo really likes her and at this point I think considers her to be his number one. The reason I find them so intriguing is at times they appear to have zero chemistry and completely don’t get each other. But then moments later they seem to absolutely understand each other and are making out. She got another rose and will live to see another rose ceremony, but you just have to wonder how long a relationship can survive like this.” 

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Dean Bextor

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