Sasha Roiz (previously seen in Caprica and Warehouse 13) plays police Captain Renard on Grimm. The boss of hero Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), Renard is a seriously shady character with his own agenda.

Click below to hear what Roiz has to say.

WARNING: The Sasha Roiz interview contains some minor spoilers about his character and about upcoming episodes. You may not want to watch if you’re skittish about such things.

We apologize wholeheartedly for occasionally insane video footage. None of this was filmed by a camera professional. But we promise the videos are watchable!

Highlights from the video:

  • Sasha Roiz provides pretty much the best single summary of the basis of Grimm.
  • Roiz spoils an awful lot about his own character, Captain Renard. Trust me when I say you’ll need to watch a few episodes before you find out any of this.
  • It’s important for an interviewer to show off her knowledge of basic French nouns.
  • There’s an episode about a creepy goat-creature coming up at some point on Grimm.
  • Bees could make for a messed-up fairy tale.
  • The strange camera movements between 4:33 and 4:45 are what happens when you don’t bring a camera crew to an interview. Sorry about my nose’s momentary presence.
  • Sasha Roiz considers chicken legs to be creepy.
  • Is Grimm a CSI mixed with Tales from the Crypt or Twilight Zone? Would you watch a mixture like that?

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Can a sly character with his own agenda be up to any good at all? What is the creepiest monster you know from fairy tales? Does Grimm seem like a good mixture of TV genres? Tell us what you think about the interview and the show in the comments section below!

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