This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is a bit like an Oprah Halloween special. Jeremy gets a ghost. Bonnie gets a ghost. Damon gets a ghost. Everybody gets a ghost!

Bonnie and Grams

Bonnie does spell to see the ghosts and she meets her dead grandmother. Oh, how I’ve missed you Grams. She explains that the Original Witch jammed the door open from the Other Side and the only way to close it is by destroying the necklace.

Jeremy and Anna

As predicted, now that Anna is corporeal, Jeremy wastes no time kissing her because she’s his true love. Unfortunately Elena catches them and tells Caroline, who tells Bonnie, who ultimately breaks up with Jeremy. Making out with your dead ex-girlfriend? As Liz Lemon would say, that’s a dealbreaker.

But Anna isn’t the only ghost causing drama. Frederick and the other Tomb vampires return to exact their revenge on the Founding Families by killing Tobias Fell. I feel bad for the Fells, because they seem to be the one Founding Family that always gets killed. Luckily Caroline is able to stop them before they kill Mrs. Lockwood, because she’s the best potential daughter-in-law ever.

Jeremy learns that Anna stole the necklace so she could stick around to find her mom, and even though Jeremy is into the idea of loving a ghost, it doesn’t pan out. Bonnie gets the necklace, destroys it with Grams’ help, and Anna is gone, though she did reconnect with Pearl before it happened. And then the necklace magically came back into existence, because we might be done with the Other Side for now, but the Original Witch still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Elena and Lexi

This overstuffed ghost episode also marks the return of Stefan’s former BFF Lexi, who gives Elena a crash course in how to detox the Ripper. In the end it looks like it might work, because unlike her brother, Elena has no interest in loving a ghost.

Damon and Mason

The most dysfunctional bromance ever centers on Damon and Mason, who takes great joy in torturing Damon before offering some help. The Lockwoods have an old secret family recipe for killing an Original buried beneath their cellar, so the two go for an adventure to find it. The secrets lie in a vamp-proof cave, but Mason vanishes courtesy of Bonnie breaking the spell before he can tell Damon what he found.

Luckily Damon has plenty of other bromance partners to fall back on, so he calls in Alaric, the two share a sweet moment where Damon sort of apologizes for killing Alaric, and then they find a bunch of ancient hieroglyphics. Alaric has no idea what they are, but the previews for next week explain that they tell the story of the Originals.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: It’s flashback time as we go way back to learn all about the Originals. And yes, that does mean the return of Daniel Gillies as Elijah, so you know it’s gonna be awesome.

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