The return of The Voice is imminent. Season 12 of the singing reality series will premiere on Monday, February 27 with an all-returning panel of coaches but in a never before-seen combination, with Gwen Stefani joining season 11 coaches Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. In anticipation of the season 12 premiere the coaches are making predictions about what will happen and who will win this season. Yet in a preview clip released by NBC, it appears that Alicia Keys will have a commanding presence and early lead on the coaching panel.

The Voice Coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Caught Bickering on-Set During Blind Auditions>>> The coaches’ predictions are mostly for fun. Nearly all the coaches predict they will win this season, though Blake does say if he doesn’t win it will be Gwen who walks away victorious. This could just be due to Adam’s prediction for the season which is that Blake will back up Gwen at every opportunity. Though that could just be bitterness, given Adam’s other main prediction is that Blake will make fun of him just as often as he supports Gwen. 

In the prediction video Gwen made the assertion that she and Alicia Keys would become best friends. In NBC’s second sneak peek, that friendship does appear to well on its way to happening. However, when it comes to the guys, Alicia might be a little too intense for them the second time around. 

“I have to sit next to Alicia and you don’t want to disappoint her, let me tell ya,” Blake Shelton jokes in the clip. “Those same eyes that are charming and hypnotic will also burn a hole right through the side of your head.” 

In her first Voice appearance Alicia Keys was a little too stilted in her chemistry with the other coaches, specifically Adam and Blake. In her second season Alicia does seem to be having a lot more fun with her fellow coaches. Alicia is aggressive in the sneak peek but it looks like it will all be in good fun. As much as the guys do seem to be enjoying Alicia, they also seem genuinely intimated by her which can only lead to good things this season. 

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The Voice season 12 won’t be all bitter rivalries. Fans can probably expect a few coach duets and performances. This is something that happens in every season but the voices of the coaches don’t always match. Season 12’s coaches got together to sing TLC’s “Waterfalls” and it might be one of the better coach performances in The Voice‘s history. Stripped down and intimate, it feels like a casual jam session between musicians — musicians who happen to be superstars. 

So what do you think of this collection of coaches? Are you happy to see Gwen and Alicia return? Who will get along better, Gwen and Alicia or Gwen and Blake? Which of the coaches’ predictions do you think will come true this season? 

The Voice returns to NBC with the debut of season 12 on Monday, February 27 at 8/7c. Want more news? Like our Voice Facebook page.

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