The Bachelor fans have been a little irritated with nearly every episode of season 21 ending in a “To Be Continued…” cliffhanger. The February 27 episode might end even more abruptly than usual. TV Guide reports that instead of a two-hour episode, The Bachelor will run for just one hour on Monday, February 27 with the second half of the episode to air on March 6.

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The decision is being made due to ABC’s week-long LGBT civil rights miniseries When We Rise which will premiere on Monday, February 27 at 9/10c. (When We Rise however will be bumped from the schedule due to President Trump’s first address to Congress.)

It has been rumored that the first hour of next installment of The Bachelor will cover Nick’s conversation with ex-Andi Dorfman who showed up in the final moments of the most recent episode. Things will then move to Finland where Nick will take his final three women for the overnight dates. Since four women are left, this should mean that there is a rose ceremony or at least an elimination somewhere in the first hour.

Despite the episode being split into two, there will be no other delay for The Bachelor season 21. When the show returns for the second half of the February 27 episode, on March 6, it will be followed immediately by the Women Tell All reunion special. There will not be an episode of Quantico. 

What do you make of the scheduling decision? Would you rather watch the entire episode at once? Are you looking forward to the three hours of The Bachelor on March 6? The Bachelor season 21 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Want more news? Like our Facebook page!

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