It’s been almost a year since there were new episodes of The Originals, 10 months to be exact. The long wait has made the break between seasons feel even longer than usual. However, when The Originals returns for season 4, even more time will have passed on the show. Season 4 of The Originals will jump five years into the future after the season 3 finale. The new trailer, courtesy of TVLine, shows big things have happened in the five years that have passed in the world of the show since season 3 ended. 

Why The Originals Did Not Get an Early Renewal, Plus The CW Boss Talks Future of the TVD Spin-Off>>>Most of the trailer involves Hayley trying to reunite “her family.” Klaus is chained up following his trial from the season 3 finale but Hayley does manage to find Elijah in the trailer. Or at least Hayley manages to find Elijah’s coffin with the vampire “sleeping” inside it. 

In the wake of Klaus’ imprisonment, there has also apparently been a big power shift in the city. Marcel can be seen lording his new position of power over Klaus, taunting the original vampire about his loss of control over New Orleans. Marcel tells Klaus, “New Orleans, the city you like to say you built, it’s mine.” 

The big shocker though is the return of a character previously assumed to be dead and gone from the show. Klaus cries out in pain for Camille and she appears right behind him in his cell. While Cami’s appearance is more than likely a hallucination brought on by Klaus’ current state, it is a hopeful we will see a return of the character in the flesh. It seems unlikely that The Originals would bring the actress back just to be a ghost even if ghosts are commonplace in this world. Plus it is pretty much a badge of honor on this show for a character to die at least once in their life. 

But what is your personal favorite moment from the trailer? What do you think of the big time jump? Is it a good idea or could it be too distracting? What do you make of the return of Cami? 

The Originals season 4 premieres on Friday, March 17 at 8/7c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Originals Facebook page!

(Image courtesy of The CW, video courtesy of The CW / TVLine)

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