This episode of Quantico, titled “ZRTORCH,” opens up with a major revelation that is bound to serve as a turning point for the sophomore season of the popular ABC drama. Also, Alex seeks out Shelby’s help, and Alex and Ryan team up to fight the terrorists.

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A Bombshell Revelation

Alex reveals that Lydia is actually the one who has created and trained the rogue CIA group AIC. She says she tried to tell Lydia’s father, Owen, but he isn’t ready to come to terms with what his daughter has been up to. Plus, he’s too busy putting himself in the crossfire (much to Alex’s dismay) for the CIA trainees to fulfill an assignment. 

Alex turns to Shelby for help. Considering their rocky past, Shelby is extremely reluctant to get too close to Alex. But when Alex reveals that she still has nothing but love for the FBI, Shelby has a change of heart and they come up with a plan that allows both of them to get what they want.

By the end of the episode, Alex finally convinces Owen that Lydia is dangerous. He unveils that he found his own proof about Lydia. But he is determined not to “betray her.”

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Alex and Ryan Team Up

Owen isn’t the only one facing difficult revelations. Harry Doyle comes to terms with who his roommate, Sebastian Chen, is and decides to move out. 

In the present day, Alex and Ryan have teamed up against the terrorists to make sure there are no more victims in their violent attack. It looks like the romance between Alex and Ryan could be coming back into play.

The end of the episode leaves viewers wanting to know what’s next, as Alex and Ryan finally free Nimah from being held captive in a private room. But what they find out is that as they prepare to release more of the hostages, some of the people they are trying to stop are mixed in — and there’s no way to tell who’s who.

Are Owen and Alex getting a little too close? Should Alex and Ryan explore a relationship again? Is Alex and Shelby’s friendship a healthy one? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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