For the second hour, 24: Legacy lives up to its predecessor’s track record of the hero doing incredibly stupid and risky things. This time that involves breaking into a police station to steal $2 million.

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We also meet a few of the remaining major characters, including a CTU field agent, Senator John Donovan’s rich father and the terrorist mastermind behind everything happening today.

Carter Gets Arrested

Ben wants $2 million for the flash drive within the hour, which isn’t easy. Carter calls his brother and learns the cops recently raided a drug dealer and took $4 million in cash, so Carter’s brilliant idea is to break into the evidence room at the police station and steal it. I guess robbing a bank would be too silly.

Carter immediately gets himself arrested, which is depressingly simple for a young black man. Naturally there’s one older, racist cop and one younger, more idealistic and understanding cop. Carter attacks them, attaches bombs to their chests and forces them to take him into the station. The plan works, thanks to Rebecca and Andy giving an assist by looping the security tape in the precinct.

It all blows up in Carter’s face when Andy and Rebecca are stopped by Keith at CTU, ending the looped security feed and exposing him to the rest of the cops in the precinct. Maybe that wouldn’t have happened if it didn’t take Carter 11 whole minutes to find the money in that tiny evidence room. Seriously, check the ticking clock, he started his search at 1:44pm and didn’t find the money until 1:55pm.

Rebecca and Andy Get Caught

At CTU, Rebecca tells Keith about the leak and the attacks. She explains that she’s keeping him tied up until she can clear him and he seems surprisingly understanding about it. Rebecca and Andy spend the episode helping Carter get the money while also tracing the leak.

However, field agent Tom Locke arrives at CTU and Mariana, the analyst who is Edgar Stiles’ cousin, tells him that she hasn’t seen Keith for a while. Tom, who has some personal problems with Andy, gets suspicious and finds Keith, freeing him. They bust in on Rebecca and Andy, stopping their mission to help Carter and arresting them.

Is Senator Donovan’s Campaign Manager a Terrorist?

Rebecca’s husband, Senator John Donovan, arrives at his fundraiser being thrown by his father Henry, played by Gerald McRaney. John’s opponent is about to air an attack ad claiming that his campaign manager, Nilaa Mizrani, is a radical Islamic terrorist.

Henry and John’s uncle Luis both think he needs to immediately fire Nilaa and get ahead of this, but John is loyal and believes that she’s innocent. Maybe he shouldn’t be so sure because Andy discovers that the Army Ranger leak came from Nilaa’s computer at John’s campaign headquarters.

Nicole, You in Danger Girl

Isaac has a drug deal he can’t miss, so he leaves Nicole with his girlfriend Aisha and one of his lieutenants, Jerome. Before leaving, Isaac makes the mistake of telling Nicole that he’s going to break up with Aisha after he gets back from this deal she set up. Naturally, Aisha overhears the whole thing.

Aisha seduces Jerome and convinces him that they should cut Isaac out by having him killed at the deal. On the bright side, Nicole definitely thinks Aisha is being super sketchy.

Meet the Head Terrorist

In this episode we’re introduced to the big bad, Jadalla bin Khalid. He’s the Oxford-educated son of the terrorist mastermind who was killed by Carter’s team. Now he’s looking to avenge his father’s death by following in his footsteps and finishing his daddy’s sleeper cell mission.

High School Drama

At the terrorist high school, Amira and Mr. Harris have successfully thrown Drew off their trail so Mr. Harris can go back to making the explosive. He grows a tad uncomfortable with everything so Amira offers him a little afternoon delight to ease his mind.

In a moment of terrible timing, Drew walks in on Amira and Mr. Harris in flagrante delicto, so Mr. Harris tackles him to the ground and bashes his head against the floor. That’s a nasty, bloody mess the terrorists have to clean up.

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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