Teen Wolf gets crazy in “De-Void.” Will Scott and his friends find a way to save Stiles? Or is the only way to get rid of the Nogitsune to kill his best friend? It’s going to be a crazy ride to the end of season 3.

Check out the “De-Void” trailer for clues about what’s coming up next on Teen Wolf.

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Clues from the preview:

  • Possessed Stiles stabs himself with a screwdriver. Noshiko freaks out and asks, “What have you done?” He responds, “Chaos has come again.”
  • Derek pours lighter fluid all over Argent and says, “You burn my family. I burn yours.” Argent screams.
  • Lydia tries to get through a door and yells, “Scott! Scott!” Then, turns around like there’s something or someone behind her.
  • Stilinski pulls a gun on Argent and says, “You’re not gonna shoot my son.” Stiles taunts Argent, who has a gun pointed at the teen, “Pull the trigger.”
  • It’s a stand-off. Stilinski keeps telling Argent, “Put the gun down now.” Allison’s there too. She says, “Dad?” And, Stiles continually yells, “Shoot me!!”
  • Scott says, “This is a trick.”
  • Allison yells, “No.”
  • Stiles attacks Derek.
  • The gauze-wrapped Nogitsune shows up in a frame.
  • Lydia is in a strapless gown outside
  • Argent puts a gun under a wolf’s throat. It looks like Derek.
  • One of the twins wolfs out with Kira in the background.
  • “This isn’t you, Stiles.” – Melissa
    “It is now.” – Stiles

Several characters appear to be physically threatened and/or injured in “De-Void.” 

Could one of them be the major death in Teen Wolf season 3? Here are some thoughts on who may die. Who do you think it will be?

At the end of the sneak peek, there’s an extra frame that shows Stiles and Nogitsune Rhys playing the Japanese game of “Go.” And, there are two people on the far side of the white room. Intriguing!

What does it mean?

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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