When we last left Wonderland, Alice and Cyrus were finally reunited, while the Red Queen claimed she was switching sides. She also insisted that she had only joined forces with Jafar so he could change the rules of magic to undo the past and take her back to a time when Will still loved her.

But before the group could escape, Will and Alice were both hurt in Jafar’s attack. When Alice refused to trade their lives for Cyrus’ freedom, Will used the wish he was promised to save them both. Alas, because all wishes comes with consequences, Will took Cyrus’ place as the genie in the bottle.

In tonight’s episode, “Nothing to Fear,” Alice and Cyrus team up with the Red Queen to find Will, and Jafar seeks out a new ally. Read on to find out if tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland can deliver the magic and romance we have come to expect.

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Will, the Genie

After thrashing around in the bottle for a bit, Will washes up on shore and is released from his bottle by his old friend, Lizard. Will has no time to explain what happened because he needs to get back to Alice and Cyrus, but he gets stopped in his tracks. Since Lizard freed him from his bottle, she is his master now and he must now grant her three wishes.

Lizard convinces Will to take a break from helping Alice and she offers him a wish for himself. Knowing first-hand that big wishes have big consequences, Will decides to wish for something simple. He wishes for a round of ice-cold beers for everyone in the village. Will’s wish gains him a lot of popularity among people who wanted nothing to do with him before, and he begins to think Cyrus was crazy for not liking the genie lifestyle.

After Will celebrates his first wish, he tells Lizard to make the next one. Will manages to figure out that Lizard has feelings for someone, and although he cannot make someone fall in love with her, he can use his powers to help her get noticed. Lizard wishes for the man she loves to notice her and Will makes it happen, not realizing that he is the man Lizard wants.

Will apologizes for not realizing how Lizard felt about him and for not being able to return her feelings. Will tries to explain that he cannot love anyone, but Lizard cuts him off, saying that she only wanted him to feel something for her. Because wishes come with consequences, Lizard gets her wish in the worst way possible. She dies and Will is devastated. And because that was her third wish, Will is forced back into his bottle. Will finally understands why being a genie isn’t exactly glamorous. 

Unlikely Allies

Alice wakes up with Cyrus by her side, but she has no memory of what happened to Will. She is horrified to learn that Will is now a genie, but she is more horrified by Cyrus’ suggestion that they work with the Red Queen to save him. But Cyrus insists that the Red Queen just wants to be reunited with the man she loves (Cyrus) and he believes she is trustworthy. He also points out that her magic could come in handy in their search for Will. Alice reluctantly agrees to the partnership until they can rescue Will.

Not long into their journey, the Red Queen is abducted by angry villagers, and Alice and Cyrus have to rescue her. They try bargaining for her release, but since they have no money, they wind up strung up beside her. The villagers leave the trio tied up as a tasty snack for the creatures that haunt these woods. 

As the creatures approach, the Red Queen realizes that they are drawn to the light from the torches. The trio put out the torches, but the creatures keep coming until Alice gets rid of her glowing necklace. The creatures go after the necklace while the three escape.

Will You Marry Me?

Alice is devastated by the loss of the necklace, as it was the only thing that brought her comfort while she and Cyrus were separated. She is also upset because she starts to wonder if she and Cyrus will ever be truly free. Even though she and Cyrus are together again, Alice worries that there will always be another battle to fight or another obstacle keeping them from being alone together.

Back on their search for Will, the trio spot fireworks in the sky and realize that the only way the villagers could afford fireworks is if they had a genie. They head toward the fireworks, but Cyrus decides they should split up to search for Will. When Alice questions why Cyrus would let the Red Queen go off on her own, he kisses her under the fireworks. Apparently, he thought it was worth the risk for them to have a moment alone.

Knowing how Alice feels about the loss of the necklace, Cyrus decides to give her something else to represent their love. Cyrus proposes to Alice for the second time and Alice says yes. Cyrus gives her the engagement ring as the new symbol of their future together. 

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Can the Red Queen Be Trusted?

While Cyrus is romancing Alice, the Red Queen has a head-start in the search for Will. She finds Lizard dead and spots the bottle lying next to her. Though Alice assumes the Red Queen will flee with the bottle, she releases Will from the bottle instead. However, by releasing Will, she becomes his new master. She says their next move must be to find the White Rabbit so they can get out of Wonderland before Jafar gets his hands on the third genie.

The Red Queen — who I shall now call Anastasia because she has dropped her Queen persona — tells them that Jafar already has two genies and if he gets Will, he will be unstoppable. Cyrus asks Anastasia to describe the genie bottles Jafar has and he realizes that the genies are his brothers. Alice promises Cyrus they will stay in Wonderland until they can free his brothers from Jafar.

Though everyone expects Anastasia to split now that she has what she wants, Anastasia says that she is staying in Wonderland. She seems very sincere when she acknowledges that she was a terrible ruler and her people deserved better. Anastasia says she will help Cyrus free his brothers and points out that they have four people on their team, while Jafar is all alone. If only she knew.

Jafar Gets a Partner

With Anastasia switching teams, Jafar is now the ruler in Wonderland. But he still needs the third genie, so he orders his minions to find the bottle. The Caterpillar tells Jafar that his men have had no luck in finding the bottle, but that there is another way. The Caterpillar tells Jafar of a creature more powerful than any army, but said creature has been imprisoned for years. Jafar wants this creature because if the people are terrified of it, they will line up to help Jafar find Will, if only to keep Jafar from letting the creature loose.

With some help from the body-less Tweedle, Jafar tracks down the creature’s prison. Despite being warned by everyone, he speaks to that he does not want anything to do with this creature; Jafar enters the prison, prepared to make a deal. The creature plays mind-games with Jafar before agreeing to help him in exchange for her freedom.

Jafar releases the creature by removing a blade from her body. Jafar decides to keep the blade in case he needs to control the creature later on. To prove her power over him, the creature gets into Jafar’s head and finds his deepest fear. She makes him feel like he is drowning all over again, helpless against his father. The creature releases Jafar and he finally realizes that he may have made a mistake in going to her for help. And who is this creature, you ask? She is the Jabberwocky.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised Alice and the others found Will so easily? Are you upset by Lizard’s death? Do you think Jafar will pay for his alliance with the Jabberwocky? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland airs Thursday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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