Suits season 3 continues tonight with the last six episodes of the season. With Mike’s secret threatened by Louis, Donna’s put into the position of damage control. Is it possible to derail Louis’ snooping into Mike’s past? If anyone can stop him, it would be Donna, right?

I sat down and chatted with Sarah Rafferty about what viewers can expect in these last six episodes, including Louis’ snooping, the affect of Mike’s secret on those in the know, Harvey’s relationship with Scottie and more! 

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Read on for edited excerpts from our conversation.

Going into these next six episodes what’s going on with Donna?

You can imagine Donna’s going to find out that Louis is on the trail, right? So she has to employ all her special Louis tactics to help protect Mike. Her sort of Louis diversion tactics to help protect Mike. It’s not just protecting Mike, it’s protecting everyone at this point. The stakes are really, really high.

At some point, does anyone in the firm finally say maybe this is just too much and maybe we need to cut our losses? Or does everyone buy into the lie that they have to stand by it?

I think that’s a really good question. I think because the firm operates as a strange version of a family that at any given time one person could lose faith, right? And say, “Let’s cut the losses. I’m out.” But then you have the rest of the family saying, “No, no, no. Keep the faith.” Buoying that one person up. Those moments seep in for every character at times, but they’re offset by someone else steering them back on to course.

Do you think there is a way out for Mike without him ending up in jail and the firm getting in trouble?

I think there might be. And leave it to our brilliant team of writers to possibly come up with that. [Laughs] They’re certainly capable of that. Yeah. Yeah, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Now that Harvey and Scottie are together, how does Donna feel about that? Is she happy for them? Or does she regret pushing them together at all?

I think Donna doesn’t regret pushing them together. I think she is cautious, but fully supportive and rooting for Harvey. She wants it to work for Harvey, but he has a terrible track record. It’s never worked for him. 

She understands him so well and probably has very deep insights into why his relationships don’t work and how he would need to change in order to become somebody who could be in a long-term relationship. She understands his weakness in that way.So I think she feels like she’s got her work cut out for her. She’s got to help. 

What is Donna and Scottie’s relationship like?

Remember, Scottie has a history of betraying Harvey, so Donna’s cautious, but she’s also a woman who understands what’s motivating Scottie. She’s empathetic — Scottie has come to Donna in the file room and said she loves him. And Donna said then you have to make a sacrifice. And I feel like from that moment on, she’s been a friend to Scottie. 

Donna feels for her. The poor woman is in love with Harvey. Maybe on a subconscious level, Donna can relate to that. Possibly. She really doesn’t think, “Oh, I know what that feels like.” She’s not thinking that, but she’s relating to Scottie and supporting Scottie.

Gabriel, Mike and even Louis are all in relationships now. And Donna just went though the terrible situation with Stephen Huntley. Does she feel left out?

I think Donna’s incredibly resilient after the Stephen Huntley event. Of course, Donna went into the Stephen Huntley relationship skeptical. They went in for sex. They were going to have a fun time in the rack and have a few dates and then he was going to move back to London. 

Then as he said in the file room to her, “I’m surprised. I’m feeling this is more than I originally bargained for and I want to take this further.” And she opened herself up to the idea, thus making the disappointment that much greater when he turned out to be the horrible person that he is.

She’s really resilient and I imagine that — we learned that she’s very confident about her gifts in the bedroom [Laughs] so I think that she probably keeps herself busy and has more than a few suitors outside of the firm to go to the theater with and be wined and dined. I don’t think she suffers in the self-esteem department, but she certainly was disappointed and not jumping right back into a serious relationship. That’s for sure.

What is Donna’s personal arc over the rest of the season?

Donna’s not having a storyline like she did with Stephen, what she’s doing is she’s playing a crucial function of trying to glue the firm together emotionally and glue all the relationships together while their under attack from outside influences. She’s literally trying to protect every relationship that’s going on. She has the Louis situation to manage.

She’s like the mother hen. Basically, I’d say in the back 6 [episodes], she’s doing everything she can to circle the wagons and she may or may not be successful at that.

Someone’s life is at risk this season. What can you say about that.

The event that occurs, in Suits fashion, our writers do this beautifully. Aaron does this beautifully. They use the events and the storyline to really reveal character. That event reveals something about every character in the firm and their relationship with everybody else.

Suits airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on USA.

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