How to Get Away with Murder will return for the second half of season 3 with a lot to deal with. The death of Wes and the arrest of Annalise will have dire consequences for everyone involved. And the show jumps right back into the action when season 3 picks up with “We’re Bad People.”

The last time we saw the Keating 5 (now the Keating 4), Annalise’s house burned down with a dead Wes and an alive (and pregnant) Laurel inside. Annalise was arrested, Frank was definitely a prime suspect and Oliver was starting to figure out what his friends have been doing for the past two and a half seasons. Here are five teasers about the winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder.

It’s All About Wes

Wes may be dead, but actor Alfred Enoch is still very much a part of the show. Besides seeing his charred body, the winter premiere includes plenty of appearances by the wait list puppy in flashbacks. And not all of those flashbacks are limited to the time between leaving the police station and his death.

Jail and Annalise Don’t Mix

Annalise spends the majority of the winter premiere in prison and it doesn’t agree with her. Fans are used to seeing her in great clothes, exuding confidence, but being stuck in a cell with two other inmates and a toilet isn’t really her style. As an added bonus, one of her new cellmates is a face some viewers make recognize. Actress L. Scott Caldwell appears and while most may recognize her as the sweet and kind Rose from Lost, her appearance of HTGAWM is much more reminiscent of Orange Is the New Black.

Who Started the Fire?

There are two big mysteries moving forward. Who started the fire and who killed Wes, assuming the information was correct that he was indeed dead before the fire started. There are definitely a few obvious suspects from the regular cast of characters, but the winter premiere adds in a few more potential arsonists and killers, including a blast from the past that could take as back to season 1.

Connor Is a Mess

Ever since the pilot, we’ve known that Connor isn’t good at handling all of this heightened emotion. He may put on the brave face of someone who doesn’t care about anything, but he’s always the character who totally melts down and can’t deal with things. The winter premiere offers a few surprising glimpses into his mental well-being and a rather unpleasant confrontation thatk luckily, takes place in a hospital.

There’s a Trump Joke

Yes, the winter premiere of HTGAWM includes a reference to President Donald Trump, though it’s not in a very favorable light. It has to do with grabbing and you can probably guess which of the main characters is accused of Trumpian behavior.

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday, January 26 at 10/9c on ABC.

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