On this week’s Bones, “The Bod in the Pod,” the Jeffersonian crew discover a giant pod that holds the bones of a man who cleans up crime scenes. Meanwhile, could there be another Bones couple?


For a moment, this case feels like the Jeffersonian possibly cannot not solve it. Like the crew have met their match. How are they supposed to do their job if there isn’t a blood spatter of evidence to show for it? The crew is up against someone whose sole job it is to wipe clean all of the blood.

Is it the woman who the victim was cheating on? What about her stepson, who’s also in the business? A mother-son kill partners would make sense, especially if the stepson would be the one left with the company. Throw in the victim’s blood-cleaning rival, possible angry lovers and you’ve got yourself one bloody mess. 

Except there’s no blood, of course.

Unexplainable Hunch

Though she can’t explain it, Brennan believes the murderer is the rival, while Booth is certain it’s the stepson. Each have their own reasons to back up their own defense while exposing holes in the other.

I, of course, believe Brennan. I always believe Brennan, even when there isn’t any evidence. It’s that gut, she says, and Booth should know better than go against his woman! 

I’m still a little overwhelmed with how exactly Brennan makes blood literally rise to the surface of the floor, though it’s just simple chemistry, I’m told. Whatever it is, it’s pretty awesome to solve a crime using a hairdryer.

Love is in the Air

But let’s be real here. The case is far from our minds because of what else is going on throughout the episode. And no, it’s not even about Brennan/Booth/Sweets all under one roof, how Brennan and Booth lay down the law of the land — no talking about cases and work at home — but Cam! And a squintern! Romancing!

While there are clues throughout, I didn’t put two and two together, did you? Even when Vaziri is reciting what sounds like a beautifully romantic poem in Farsi, even when Hodgins walks in on said reciting of poem, I thought there had to be some sort of logical explanation.

How? When? Cam — the most straight-laced boss ever, with an intern. Not that I’m complaining. Far from it. I hope this lasts! It’s about time Cam finds her happily ever after, and as long as the guy is a good guy — which Vaziri is — then I’m for it.

Except he needs to maybe write some better poems.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV