Just when you thought the Scream panel at Comic-Con was going to end up being a regular panel discussion, some big news came out of San Diego. Not only was a new trailer released, but an announcement was made about the future of the series.

At the end of the panel, executive producer Jaime Paglia announced that Scream has been renewed for a second season, after only two episodes have aired. What a way to make a splash at Comic-Con!

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Also, Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey made a surprise appearance to present the new Scream trailer that you can view below.

As the trailer begins, we hear one of the characters saying, “Nobody puts on a mask and commits a murder like that just once. The real question is, who’s next?” A very ominous start. There’s a lot packed into this trailer, including Emma talking on the phone with the killer and telling her friends that she’s scared every time she gets a phone call or text. “This is all a test. And when I fail, people die,” she says.

One of the best moments of the trailer doesn’t involve murders, but rather humor. Noah is talking to Audrey, and she’s wondering where he is on the suspect list. After replying, “Duh, I’m making the list,” he has this creepy look on his face. The scene makes a comical turn when she says, “Nice resting creep face,” and he says, “Back atcha.”

And the end of the trailer shows Emma holding a knife and possibly going in for a kill after saying, “It ends with you.” Has she found the killer? Who is it?

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Other Panel Highlights:

— Bella Thorne could have been the protagonist of the series, but she instead opted to be the one that dies in the opening scene of the pilot because she wanted to die on screen. We haven’t seen the last of her character, Nina, though: “You will see more Nina — and less dead. … Nina will be back.” Likely in flashbacks, because how else could they do that?

— Moderator Jarett Wieselman told Bella Thorne, “It’s an honor to be the first kill.”

— It doesn’t look like the cast really knows who the killer is, though they do speculate about it. When the question was posed to them, only two people raised their hands.

— The cast came together to watch all of the Scream movies with each other as part of the preparation process for the TV show.

— Expect to find yourself getting attached to more of the characters as the season progresses.

— It took almost six months to complete the casting process.

Scream airs Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

(Image and video courtesy of MTV)

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