A week after the first season 6 video preview was released, a new sneak peek video is now online, this time focusing on the premiere episode, “Loser Like Me.”

Part of the video includes interviews with the cast as they tease what fans can expect in the opener. And there’s also plenty of new footage we haven’t seen before, including a duet between Rachel and Blaine, and a couple characters starting new jobs.

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The teaser opens with Vocal Adrenaline rehearsing in their auditorium while none other than Will Schuester, who is their new coach, watches and dances along from his seat. It looks like Vocal Adrenaline’s choreography is still top-notch. They’re going to be formidable opponents at competitions.

One of the performances in the premiere will be a duet between Rachel and Blaine, when they sing “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors. From the part of the song we get to hear, they sound fantastic together. In his interview, Darren Criss reveals that he sang the song live, which is not the norm for Glee, but he has done it that way on the show before.

Take a look at the preview below:

As you saw, there was some footage of what appears to be Rachel leaving the studio lot where she failed as a TV star and then returning to her home in Lima looking very sad, along with Blaine telling Rachel that he’s the new coach of the Warblers. She asks, “You don’t need a college degree for that?” This seems like an odd question considering she’s trying to jump-start McKinley’s glee club again and she doesn’t even have a degree either.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of rivalries pop up between Blaine and Rachel since they’ll be competing against each other. Not to mention, Will is a competitor of theirs as well. They all know and like each other, but will that change if given time? 

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We also saw Figgins working at the Lima Bean. What a demotion after being replaced by Sue Sylvester as principal of McKinley High. He recognizes Rachel and exclaims, “Oh my god, it’s William McKinley’s own Rachel Berry!” She’s obviously trying not to be recognized, what with her giant hat and shades on.

And the video ends with Rachel singing “Let It Go,” which we saw in last week’s preview. This time, Lea Michele shares a story of how the crew members brought their children to the set, and the kids thought she was actually one of the characters in the movie Frozen. How adorable. 


Now that we’ve seen another sneak peek from season 6, are you looking forward to the return of Glee? And what did you think of the new footage? Any scenes in particular that you can’t wait to see on the show?

Glee season 6 premieres Friday, January 9 at 8pm on FOX.

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