Ever since Glee season 5 ended back in May, there have been months of speculation, rumors and reports on what will happen in the final season. After this very long wait, we finally are one step closer to seeing how it all ends with the very first video preview of season 6. It’s only 20 seconds long, but it’s enough to get fans excited.

It’s no surprise by now that Glee is moving back to McKinley for the final season after making a huge deal last season of the fact that we were saying goodbye to the high school and focusing solely on New York. The season 5 finale ended with the the group going their separate ways, including Rachel heading to Los Angeles for a pilot.

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The video preview, which you can see below, starts off with Rachel and Kurt at McKinley High School saying, “We’re bringing back the glee club.” But Sue Sylvester is not having any of it, and she threatens the two of them with this hilarious line: “You two have just entered the Thunderdome. You will beg for death.” No doubt Sue’s enemies this season will be Rachel and Kurt.

We also get our first glimpse at one of the performances, with Rachel on stage singing the mega-hit song “Let It Go” from the hugely successful Disney animated film Frozen. This movie has infiltrated every other part of society (including Once Upon a Time), so why not Glee?

Take a look at the preview right here:

As you can see, there are also quick glimpses of Blaine in his Dalton Academy uniform performing with the Warblers, Santana and Brittany on the field in their cheerleading uniforms and a big group hug in the choir room (first, I guess it’s no longer a computer lab, and second, I’m spotting some of the newbie glee club members that will be in this final season).

The video ends with Mr. Schue saying to Rachel, “I’ve just always seen the best in you. I think you’re going to like it here.”

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Considering Rachel has always dreamed that she’ll make it big outside the walls of McKinley, it’ll be interesting to see if the series ends with her sticking around for good or if she’ll depart to try once again for a shot at stardom; she already blew it by leaving Broadway and obviously the TV show didn’t work out, so what else can she do? Can she find happiness in Lima, Ohio.

Not only will there be changes to the characters, but Glee itself is undergoing some changes in its final season. The show is moving to Fridays, and there will only be 13 episodes (over the course of 11 weeks) to give closure for fans.

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Does this preview have you excited for season 6? What are you hoping will happen to all of our favorite characters? And how do you think it will all end?

The final season of Glee premieres with a two-hour episode on Friday, January 9 at 8pm on FOX, with the series finale airing on March 20.

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