Just about every character is presented with a life-changing decision to make in the Covert Affairs Season 5 Finale, “Gold Soundz.”
The Enemy of My Enemy

When Annie’s heart gave out while she and Ryan were split up and she was chasing Belenko, I figured it would only end one way: Belenko getting away. But when I saw the look in his eyes, I swore I saw some compassion there and sure enough, he ended up saving her life. I know he said he did it because she was his only friend right then, and I’m sure that was mostly true, but I have to wonder if his own condition didn’t lead him to help another person in need.

Belenko’s decision paid off handsomely when he was shot and Ryan suggested they just leave him to the Russians. Just as I was sure about part of Belenko’s decision to save Annie coming from compassion, I think she returned the favor partially for the same reason. Of course, that didn’t mean he wasn’t still a bastard who deserved to be sent to prison for what he did, but in that moment Annie knew she couldn’t just leave him to the Russians.

Arthur for Senate?

With everything that happened in Arthur’s past, I would never have seen a run for Senate in his future. Once it was offered to him, I could see how he might win the race, especially now that the truth about his retirement will be out there for the world to know. But he was right when he said that a campaign will put him and his family under a microscope. Also, is it just me or does this seem a little too good to be true? I feel like if he does win, someone’s going to step out of the woodwork in the future and demand a favor from him and I doubt that favor will be a good one.

Calder Gets His Man

Calder didn’t have a ton of screen time in this episode but, boy, did he do a lot in the little that he had. He may not have caught Langer when he first had him, but thank goodness he was there to catch him when the man snuck into the agency’s offices. I doubted that Auggie and Deckard were going to die, but those were still some intense moments. It was good to see Calder finally get the man who hurt Stephanie (aka Sydney), but it’s still unclear if she’s going to survive.

Ryan Pops the Question

Ryan and Annie’s relationship has been anything but normal since the very beginning. So it made perfect sense that he would propose to her while they were in the middle of another firestorm. They said “I love you” under those circumstances, heck, their whole relationship has practically been under a firestorm since it started. I understood why she was hesitant, but I loved how Ryan pointed out that they had just as much of a chance to do the job and live as they did of doing the job and dying.

Auggie Makes a Choice

I saw how Auggie was paying attention to everything that Deckard was saying, but it still felt like his decision to leave the agency came out of left field. Maybe it was a natural response to the hell that he had been put through. I didn’t feel like he and Natasha were all that close, but I guess there’s nothing like being tortured together to remind you how much you care about someone.

What Now?

A lot of things were left up in the air at the end of this season, which will leave a lot of questions to be answered next season. Will Annie take the job that Joan offered her or will she decide to continue working with Ryan’s firm? Or will Annie and Ryan decide to give up the life altogether? Will Arthur actually run for Senate? Will Stephanie ever regain consciousness? And finally, will Auggie really be able to give up his life at the agency?

I can’t wait until next summer to find out.

My favorite bits:

Auggie: “It’s complicated.”
Deckard: “Her getting kidnapped and tortured in order to get information out of you is more than complicated.”

Ryan proposing to Annie in the middle of a firestorm. That is so perfect for their relationship.

Annie and Ryan using Belenko as bait. Brilliant.

Annie and Ryan losing Belenko. Oops.

Annie’s heart condition rearing its ugly head at the absolute worst time.

Finding out that Belenko saved Annie. Wow.

Belenko: “The Russians are smart and ruthless and they want me dead. You’re the only friend I have right now.”
Annie: “I’m not your friend.”

Auggie’s smile when he found out Natasha was coming to D.C. with full immunity.

Joan standing up for Stephanie. I’m with Calder. I wasn’t expecting that from her either.

Annie: “I almost shot you.”
Ryan: “I’m so glad you didn’t.”

Auggie’s guy remarking that he and his men were “flying blind.” Oops.

Auggie telling Joan that they owed it to Annie to find her something at the agency. Hear! Hear!

Annie finding a way to save Belenko.

Ryan using the other guy’s body as a shield for the grenade blast. I wanted to hug him as hard as Annie did.

Annie pointing out to Belenko that he could make the Russians hurt.

Annie: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
Belenko: “Thank you, friend.”

Calder quietly reassuring Stephanie that he took care of the man who hurt her.

Annie: “I don’t want to lose you.”
Ryan: “Then don’t.”

Joan offering Annie a job on her new task force.

Auggie announcing that he was leaving the agency. Whoa!

Auggie telling Annie to trust her heart.

Annie: “Got it.”

What did you think of the Covert Affairs Season 5 finale? Which question are you dying to see answered next season?

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