Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, newly single and shirt opened, visited Jimmy Kimmel last night to discuss the never-ending carousel of reality dating shows for which he serves as emcee, on-call therapist and circus master.

With the Bachelorette finale upon us this Sunday, Chris and Jimmy discussed Emily Maynard’s final two guys, “Jef with one F” and Arie — whom Jimmy predicted would make it to the top on Night One. 

“I’m surprised his parents didn’t just give him an extra F,” Harrison joked about frontrunner Jef. “He should be Jef with no effs,” Kimmel shot back, referring to Jef’s decision to opt out of the sexy “Fantasy Suite” invite.

Parroting himself on many an occasion, Harrison promised Kimmel that this weekend’s three-hour finale, complete with a live one-hour “After the Final Rose” special, will “finally be … the most dramatic finale ever!” 

Why the live “After the Final Rose”? Harrison says there’s just no replacing the “energy” of live television. Even with the high potential of a massive “trainwreck.” 

“The awkward moments are the great moments,” the host said. And there are sure to be plenty of those, with Emily and both her final bachelors scheduled to take the stage during the hour. “I like the mayhem,” Harrison said.

As for Bachelor Pad season 3, which premieres the following night (Monday), Kimmel called it “a porn shoot without the porn.” Harrison confirmed that this season will be even more risque than previous seasons and joked, “I’d like to take the show to Cinemax, where it belongs.” 

In the second segment of the interview, Harrison played along with Kimmel in a bit about how after so many years of facilitating on-screen relationships, he no longer understands how real life dating works. Watch the host poke fun at himself — and poke his head up from under a table to announce “the most dramatic dessert course, EVER!”

The Bachelorette finale and live “After the Final Rose” special air this Sunday from 8 to 11 pm on ABC.

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