Oliver was left in a bit of a predictament at the end of last week’s Arrow. How will he get away from Laurel and all those guns that are surrounding him? In “Broken Dolls,” it looks like it will be good for the city that he’s free when a killer is on the loose.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Arrow spoilers and clips

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While the Glades were being destroyed by Malcolm’s device, the killer Barton Mathis escaped from prison. He’s back at his hobby of torturing and killing woman. In order to stop a killer, Lance works with the Arrow and Diggle to catch him.

They put together a plan using Felicity as bait, but it goes all wrong. In response, Mathis kidnaps Laurel to make Lance pay. Will they save her in time? Or, will Lance watch his daughter die?

Elsewhere, DA Adam Donner wants the death penalty for Moira. She was willing to pay for her sins, but is she willing to die? She has to get out of this, though it’s a mystery how that will happen.

Also, the Arrow and the Black Canary come face-to-face. Do they know each other? Will they be partners or foes?

“Broken Dolls” Sneak Peek

Barton Mathis is a scary man. He doesn’t just kill his victims … he turns them into dolls. What a horrible way to die. Poor Lance suffers throught the death of a young girl. How will he react when it’s Laurel tied up?

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“Broken Dolls” preview

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