The day that Bones fans have been waiting years for has finally arrived — Brennan and Booth’s wedding day! With help from her trusty Matron of Honor, Angela, Brennan has taken to the idea of a more traditional wedding ceremony. And we all know how Booth feels about pigs in a blanket being served at the wedding. I cannot wait to see this extravaganza.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Woman in White,” a murder may distract our bride from her big day. Will Brennan make it to the ceremony on time? And what other wedding day surprises does Bones have in store for us?

Learning Our Places

The show opens with a rehearsal at the church, and Angela is teary about her best friend’s big day. The crew has even made cardboard cut-outs to fill in as Brennan’s father, Max, and Parker, Booth’s son, for the rehearsal. Hodgins is ready to kill it with his reading. Unfortunately, the priest is interrupted by Booth’s cell phone ringing. Brennan also kisses Booth before asking the priest if it is okay, since they are sleeping together. Hilarious!

Cancelling the Big Day?

The team is off to examine some remains that were found at a senatorial building. Sweets tries to make sure that Booth and Brennan are not involved, but Brennan is confident that she can take a look since the wedding is not until the next day. I wonder what could go wrong with this scenario? I am apparently not alone, as Hodgins and Sweets place bets on what time the wedding will be cancelled.

The Year was 1979

The victim is a female in her 30’s, and she has been stabbed. Her body is almost completely skeletonized. Hodgins discovers that the victim died in 1979, as a cicada was caught in her sleeve, and they only emerge every 17 years. When Angela urges Brennan to go home and get some beauty rest, Bones counters with, “I don’t need sleep to be beautiful.” Cam has already called in Dr. Clark Edison to fill in so Brennan can keep her manicure appointment. It takes a village to pull off a wedding, people!

More Money, More Problems

Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins examine some papers found with the victim and locate her laminated ID. The victim is Nancy Handelman. She was single and worked at the Library of Congress in the Manuscripts Division.

Angela lectures Hodgins about being supportive and positive about the wedding, but once she leaves, Clark comes by and wants in on the wedding pool.

At his house, Booth discovers Max’s duffel bag on the kitchen counter, and it is filled with money. If it is a wedding gift, I would certainly complain about the presentation. When Booth fills Sweets in on this development, Sweets urges him to concentrate on the wedding and not where the money came from. Sweets finally admits that the money bag is creepy.

Tricking Dr. Brennan

Poor Clark is subjected to Brennan in flip flops with wet fingernails and toes asking him to show her the evidence. Angela and Cam discuss an empty plastic protective sleeve that was found on the victim. Angela locates what she believes to be a photo copy of what was in the sleeve. Clark also informs Cam that there are micro-fractures on the bones. So should they tell Brennan?

They concoct a scheme to have the “squinterns” come in for free, and just long enough so that Brennan thinks that they are working on the case. Brennan pops in again to check on Clark’s work, and she is clad in flip flops, large curlers and a robe. Once Brennan leaves, Clark is able to guilt the interns into helping him.

Sweets tells Booth that Angela has been able to make out part of the document that was in the protective sleeve. It is an erotic letter and written by a woman. The language is antiquated.

Booth checks out Max’s money and it is clean. He is still troubled, though, as he heads off to pick up his son, Parker, at the airport. He spends some bonding time with Parker and asks his son to be his best man.

Something Borrowed

Angela lends Bones a beautiful hair clip, which takes care of the something borrowed, blue and old. Brennan is distracted and hurts Angela’s feelings by focusing on the case and not Angela’s gift. Brennan tells Wells that he will now be focusing on finding out about the letter so Angela can focus on the wedding. Way to go, Bones!

Hodgins is puzzled because there are insect and foliage particulates from different parts of the country in Handelman’s wounds. Before Hodgins leaves, Cam gets in on the gambling action and places her bet in the wedding pool.

Light a Candle

Booth asks Aldo to meet him at the church. Booth wants Aldo’s advice, even though he is no longer a priest. Aldo tells Booth that he is jealous of the love that Brennan and Booth have. Max crashes the meeting, as he has been following Booth to make sure that he doesn’t change his mind. He tells Booth how happy he is that Seeley is marrying his daughter, and remarks that he only wishes that Brennan’s mother was able to see her walk down the aisle. In a touching moment, Booth lights a candle for Brennan’s mother.

Burning Down the Church

At Booth and Brennan’s house, their family members toast them. It is awesome to see Booth’s grandpa and his mother. While the family members share their thoughts, Sweets arrives and tells them to turn on the television. The church is in flames, and it originated at the back of the sanctuary. Max is quick to finger Booth as the culprit.

The next day, Booth tells his family that the wedding is postponed and that Bones is back on the case. Parker then spills some spicy eggs all over his tux. Is this wedding cursed?

When Max visits Brennan at the Jeffersonian, she tells him that Booth is claiming that her mother burned down the church because she didn’t want the wedding to be paid for with Max’s dirty money. Max tells his daughter that the money was from a winning night in Las Vegas many years ago, and that he had always saved it for her wedding. When he urges her to still marry Booth that day, Brennan confesses that there are no available churches, and that being married in church is important to him.

Dragged Down

Back at the lab, the interns continue working the case, and some admit to being upset that they were not invited to the wedding. They theorize that the micro-fractures on the victim’s body are the result of being dragged down five flights of stairs. The wounds also contain part of a wood that is found only in Central America. The weapon would be the size of a pool cue with a steel tip.

And the Killer Is…

Wells discovers that the letter was written by Emily Dickinson. The likely suspect is Janet McCann, a Dickinson scholar whose office was on the fifth floor of the Humanities building at Adams University. If the letter had been discovered, revealing that Dickinson was not a virgin, it would spell the end of McCann’s career. The interns find out that McCann was an avid hiker who hiked the Appalachian Trail, and she used a trekking pole manufactured in the 1970’s. McCann is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke, so the mystery of Handelman’s death has been solved.

Angela Saves the Day

Angela is in wedding planner mode, and wants to throw Brennan and Booth a wedding that very day. When she finds Brennan crying in her office, she tells the bride-to-be that she is tying the knot with Booth today and that she has everything under control. When Brennan tells Booth about Angela’s plans, he is less than thrilled. He wants Brennan to have something special and not a thrown-together mess. Brennan tells him that she feels awful about the wedding not being in a church because it was so important to him. They realize that the only important thing is that they get married.

You are Cordially Invited

Brennan gives the interns the news that they are invited to the wedding, and the only reason that they were not invited before is because she didn’t want to hurt them as none of them has found a life partner yet. Wow! Hodgins comes to the rescue and brings the interns some fashion selections from exhibits in the Jeffersonian.

Here Comes the Bride

The wedding venue is a beautiful gazebo festooned with flowers and white silk. When the “squinterns” arrive, they are decked out from different time periods, and it is awesome. Brennan and Max walk down the aisle to “At Last,” sung by Avalon (Cyndi Lauper), while guests toss flower petals. Bones looks simply stunning in a white off-the-shoulder gown.

Aldo performs the ceremony, and Booth tells Brennan that “Chasing you has been the smartest thing that I’ve ever done in my life.” Brennan responds that when she and Hodgins were buried alive, they each wrote a letter to someone they loved, and hers was to Booth. She takes it out and reads it, telling him that he makes “her life messy and confusing, unfocused and irrational, and wonderful.” I love it!

This episode of Bones is an emotional one that stays true to the characters. I think that the wedding is a bit messy at times, but just perfect in the end, like Booth and Brennan.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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