As viewers, we’ve had front-row seats to some of the best weddings ever — those of our favorite television characters. We’ve cried and laughed as they exchanged vows and declared their love. With Brennan and Booth tying the knot on Bones, we thought it was the right time to celebrate other TV nuptials. What was your favorite TV wedding moment? Did we miss your favorite?

#17 Mike and Carol, The Brady Brunch

Here’s the story of a lovely lady … on her wedding day (in a yellow dress, no less) for the pilot episode of the iconic sitcom. Carol and her three daughters, and Mike and his three sons, all come together in an outdoor wedding that spirals out of control once the boys’ dog, Tiger, starts chasing after the girls’ cat, Fluffy.

#16 Luke and Laura, General Hospital

It’s been more than 30 years, but the wedding of this couple still ranks as one of the top TV weddings (with special guest Elizabeth Taylor). Back in 1981, 30 million viewers tuned in for the big day — a ridiculous number for a soap opera. Reports called it a cultural phenomenon, even appearing on the cover of Newsweek.

Luke and Laura, General Hospital

#15 Turk and Carla, Scrubs

A surgery makes Turk late to his wedding. And then he shows up at the wrong church, so it gets cancelled. Despite the obstacles, there are still memorable moments, like the janitor crashing the reception and George Takei as the priest. When they finally do get married, it’s just the two of them, at the hospital, and the moment just feels right.

Turk and Carla, Scrubs

#14 Lois and Clark, Smallville

In the series finale, Clois walk down the aisle — together — in a sign of unity. Aww. While that’s all nice and sweet, the really emotional moment is when Clark sees his deceased dad sitting with his mother.

#13 Miranda and Steve, Sex and the City

“No white, no ivory, nothing that says virgin.” For the ultimate anti-bride, it’s the simplicity of the wedding that makes it so great. Even the way she finds the venue — a community garden — is perfectly Miranda.

Miranda and Steve, Sex and the City

#12 Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

So Blair wouldn’t have to testify against her husband, she and Chuck decide on a shotgun wedding. In true Gossip Girl fashion, the gang gathers at the Met before the ceremony. At the wedding, Chuck and Blair say their vows just in time for the police to take him away — with no one exactly worried that it’s happening; they’re just concerned with getting the perfect photo. Thankfully, his name is later cleared.

#11 Jesse and Becky, Full House

In order to have one final adventure before tying the knot, Jesse decides to go parachuting — and ends up stuck in a tree. So his bride-to-be has to bail him out of jail, and the wedding can finally go on. He makes up for it by serenading Becky with “Forever.”

Jesse and Becky, Full House

#10 Haley and Nathan, One Tree Hill

Their wedding is a whirlwind — just them and her parents overlooking the cliff, and it happens just hours after the engagement all the way back in season 1. But years later, they’re able to have the perfect wedding they didn’t get to have through their vow renewals.

Haley and Nathan, One Tree Hill

#9 Matthew and Mary, Downton Abbey

A last-minute argument between the couple regarding his inheritance almost threatens the long-awaited wedding. But they patch things up with a touching pre-wedding kiss — with their eyes closed, of course — and the two distant cousins make it down the aisle.

Matthew and Mary, Downton Abbey

#8 Monica and Chandler, Friends

Even though the words “I, Ross, take thee Rachel” is one of the most memorable moments of the series, the best wedding goes to Monica and Chandler because they’re meant to be. It’s chaotic as Chandler gets cold feet, Joey’s missing and the side storyline with what turns out to be Rachel’s pregnancy, but the moment where they exchange the vows they wrote themselves makes it all worth it.

#7 Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World

Appropriately titled “It’s About Time,” the wedding episode is dramatic because of Cory and Shawn’s fight, which leads to Eric as the best man. The wedding’s supposed to be at the house, but Eric manages to pull off a last-minute venue that leads to the couple continually being referred to as Howard and Myra Peterman. Despite the craziness, it’s the weepy vows that are sweet and touching.

#6 David and Donna, 90210

It takes close to 300 episodes in 10 seasons — and plenty of breaking up and getting back together — for these two to finally come to their senses and realize they’re made for each other. The series finale wedding is a reunion with Brandon, Andrea Val and even the high school principal all witnessing the big day.

#5 Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Two hours of making a wedding come together mean some of the finer details are overlooked — the dress is out of newspaper and the vows read simply, “I love you and I like you” — but it all embodies the sweetness that’s at the heart of the show.

#4 Kevin and Scotty, Brothers and Sisters

This commitment ceremony was a historic television event, as it was the first same-sex wedding by series regulars on a TV show. And it did not disappoint with touching moments such as Kevin visiting Scotty’s parents to convince them to attend the ceremony. While they ultimately do not, Scotty’s dad gives Kevin the same cufflinks he wore on his wedding day.

Kevin and Scotty, Brothers and Sisters

#3 Izzie and Alex, Grey’s Anatomy

It feels like this show has had a wedding every other season. But the one we keep coming back to is the landmark 100th episode where Meredith and Derek “give” their wedding to Izzie and Alex after finding out Izzie’s brain tumor has returned. Izzie appoints Cristina as the maid of honor, Meredith is the best man and George walks her down the aisle when she can’t make it down herself. We’re still tearing up with that one.

#2 Booth and Brennan, Bones

Probably the most heartfelt, funny, warm and real vows — ever. It all comes full circle when we find out what Brennan wrote in her letter when she was buried alive with Hodgins. What an amazing payoff. It’s simply beautiful, and well worth the nine seasons of wait.

#1 Pam and Jim, The Office

Fans of Jam were rewarded with their big day in the sixth season. It’s as sweet (Jim cutting his tie for Pam’s torn dress) as it is funny (wedding dance), surprising (Pam and Jim running off for their private ceremony) and unfortunate (Andy’s scrotum injury). Can’t get enough of Jim and Pam even though the series is over? Check out their detailed wedding website here. An honorary mention goes to Phyllis and Bob’s wedding.

Pam and Jim, The Office

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