Thea won’t be the only Queen who is getting lucky in Arrow season 4. On the heels of the announcement that Parker Young would be playing Thea’s new love interest in season four, Elysia Rotaru is joining Arrow as Oliver’s new(ish) love interest. If you think Arrow is in for more love triangle shenanigans don’t worry, according to Hollywood Reporter, Elysia’s character will only appear in flashbacks.

Besides the fact that Elysia Rotaru will not be a current day rival of Felicity for Oliver’s affections, not much else is known about the character. When Oliver was last seen in the flashbacks at the end of season three, he was leaving Hong Kong to go stateside. It was heavily implied he’d be heading the famous DC Comics location of Coast City which has been mentioned several times on both Arrow and The Flash. Coast City is most famous for probably being the hometown of the iconic comic-book hero, Green Lantern. So it’s possible that Rotaru’s character might ave some connection to that mythology. This of course is all speculation because The CW is keeping extremely quiet on what role Rotaru is playing, not even giving her character name.

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If you are hard up for Arrow and Oliver Queen news though, Stephen Amell has you kind of covered. Amell might live out a fanboy fantasy everyday of his life by playing an actual superhero but he recently crossed another item off the nerd bucket list. After weeks of build-up and teasing Stephen Amell finally jumped into a WWE wrestling ring. 

There’s been a totally real and not at all manufactured feud going on between Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust for quite awhile now. After Stardust slapped Amell though at Monday Night RAW, again in a totally organic way because wrestling is not at all fake, things boiled over. Stephen Amell jumped into the ring and took Stardust in retribution. The whole incident is embedded below.

The real battle is yet to begin though. According to EW, Stephen Amell and Stardust will end their rivalry once and for all with a two on two match on August 23. Stardust and his partner King Barrett will face off against Amell and his partner or “Red Arrow” Neville and finish things for good. Or you know until Stephen Amell decides he wants to wrestle again because it was fun and good exposure for his career.

If you’re just interested in Stephen Amell’s TV appearances as Oliver Queen, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Arrow returns on Wednesday, October 7 at 9pm on The CW.

(image and video courtesy of WWE)

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