With BattleStar Galactica‘s fourth season hanging in the balance, the creators choose a Helo-centric episode as its axis for sweeps month.  Did it pay off?  Battlestar Galactica has been achieving luke-warm ratings since moving to it’s new, later, Sunday time slot, so delivering excitement now is critical.  Here are some quick thoughts on how Captain Helo handled piloting this critical Battlestar Galactica for February.

  • Tahmoh Penikett as Helo ROCKS.  If this episode said anything it’s that we should definitely see more Helo on Battlestar Galactica.  He is sort of omnipresent anyways, but ‘The Woman King’ proved that Helo can carry a Battlestar Galactica arc all on his own.
  • Dr. Roberts does NOT seem like a killer.  Bruce Davison does a great job portraying him as someone who is racially unbiased, but that starts to shift slightly as the episode goes on.
  • Tigh is NOT likable in this episode,  either is Adama, actually (until the end.)  It’s good to see that these guys are capable of being the pig headed jerks all leaders are.
  • The Sagittarons are paranoid, for good reason.  Modern hot-topic of the day?  Ethnic cleansing.
  • Doc Cottle delivers some fiery scenes this ep, tearing into Helo but good.  Is he secretly a part of the conspiracy?
  • Athena counsels Six for the pres.   Tells her that her best chance for survival is to help convict Baltar.  I’m conflicted.  Does anybody see that Baltar had no idea his actions were going to result in the attempted Genocide of his people?  of course, covering it up wasn’t a good idea… but he was used… he was used…
  • Tom Zarek is scared, which scares Lara Roslin.  The idea of putting Baltar on trial is not a very good one.  Zarek predicts massive civil unrest which he likens to a force of nature.  In other words,  next month is going to be very interesting.
  • Lara has a plan for the trial, at this point, Baltar is definitely NOT going to get a fair trial.

Most defintiely one of the BEST Battlestar Galactica eps so far this season!  I’m totally stoked to see what happens as Battlestar Galactica comes to a close.


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