Actress Kristen Bell has pledged her full support for the writers, but the Heroes star admits she is also concerned about the rest of the show’s work force who have found themselves off the payroll because of the WGA strike.

“I one-hundred percent support the writers and support the directors and obviously support SAG, but what no one’s really acknowledging is that none of the crew can work,” Bell told IGN from the picket lines outside Universal Studios on Tuesday.  “I’m in support, but my heart really goes out to the crew members who haven’t had work for two months before Christmas…  So just even for that alone I hope that we can all come to a settlement soon where everybody gets their just desserts, you know?”

Kristen Bell, who plays Elle Bishop on Heroes, and the show’s writing staff were joined by fans on the picket lines that day.  The 27-year-old actress believes that having the fans striking along with them has sent a strong message to the studios.

“I think the more people they see out here and the more consistent it is, the better,” she said.  “It died down for a minute when they went back to the [negotiating] table, but I think the stronger everybody’s attitudes are kept up… [the more it’s] acknowledged that this needs to be settled and soon.”

The cast and fans of Heroes are not the only ones who have shown their support for the writers.  The show’s production staff, which include creator/executive producer Tim Kring and co-executive producer Jeph Loeb, have also spent some time on the picket lines.

“Jeph and Tim have been very supportive,” Kristin Bell said, “and I’ve gotten a couple of messages from Tim just of moral support saying ‘We’re still all here and waiting to get back to work and I hope you’re doing well.’  They check in.  They don’t just sort of abandon you and I think that’s a reason the show is successful, because they do run it like a family.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: IGN
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