While fans are eagerly awaiting The Vampire Diaries to cast the pivotal role of Klaus, the big bad vampire of the season, the show has just signed on yet another hot young guy to play an important role.

Canadian actor Stephen Amell is coming to Mystic Falls for two episodes as Brady, an old friend of Mason Lockwood’s who is sure to stir up trouble. He’s not the only one, since the next new episode features Michaela McManus, another friend of Mason’s who comes around looking for him. I guess Mason had a lot of friends.

While Amell’s career is largely obscure films and minor TV roles (the best credit on his IMDb page is that he played a spinning instructor on Queer as Folk), coming to The Vampire Diaries is a great way to be noticed.

Much like every male guest star of the show, he is also hot. For proof, check out these photos from the 2007 film Closing the Ring which he starred in with Mischa Barton.

It’s nice to see that Mason surrounded himself with equally good-looking people. Amell will show up when The Vampire Diaries returns for the second half of season 2 in January.

(Image courtesy of IMDb)

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