After an explosive second season finale, Sons of Anarchy season 3 found the gang in ruins. To retrieve Jax’s son, the gang traveled to Ireland and risked everything, leading to a deadly finale that brought them closer than ever.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Recaps and Reviews:

Episode 2.13 “Na Trioblidi”
Episode 2.12 “The Culling”
Episode 2.11 “Service”
Episode 2.10″Balm”
Episode 2.9 “Fa Guan”
Episode 2.8 “Potlatch”
Episode 2.7 “Gilead”
Episode 2.6 “Falx Cerebri”
Episode 2.5 “Smite”
Episode 2.4 “Eureka”
Episode 2.3 “Fix”
Episode 2.2 “Small Tears”
Episode 2.1 “Albification”

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