Today’s big buzz about The Walking Dead comes from Deadline, which reports that executive producer Frank Darabont has sent his entire writing staff walking before starting in on season 2.

It’s an odd, early, and potentially dangerous move for the young AMC series, which certainly hasn’t suffered in the ratings for any writing issues. Many fans have commented that the move may be the right one, given their misgivings about the show’s early storyline issues. (Which, I’d argue, are too early in the show’s history to so harshly judge, and are mostly outshined by the show’s brilliant action sequences and special effects.) But will Darabont’s hint that he may hire various freelancers to work with him on season 2 do anything to help pacing problems or inconsistent characterization? I clearly have no idea how The Walking Dead writers room operates, but the decision is puzzling to say the least.

I hope Darabont knows what he’s doing, because this clip from next week’s Walking Dead season 1 finale has me excited for the finale, and for where the series might be heading in season 2, whenever it comes. Grimes and crew are now inside the CDC with that scientist guy (whom I remember and refer to as Jim Carrey’s friend in The Truman Show), and the discussion turns to brains. Not eating them. Studying them.

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BRAINS! They’re sort of important to the whole “being alive” thing. Thanks, Mr. Scientist!

But in all seriousness: What will “TS-19” teach Grimes and the rest of the survivors about the walkers, and their chances of survival? Find out, and honor those poor fallen writers, by watching when the season 1 finale of The Walking Dead airs this Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

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