After 5 episodes, UnREAL is really kicking into high gear in season 2. “Infiltration” ended with a series of shocking moments as Darius said goodbye to his closest connection on the show. While there was plenty of turmoil in the show within a show on UnREAL, the real drama was in Rachel’s life once again. It was big episode for the former/current showrunner of Everlasting, and there were just as many crazy things said as were done. Here are the 18 most outrageous quotes from “Infiltration.” 

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“Riding to work with the boss. Only four episodes deep. Oh, Rach, I think you got a little bit of Quinn on your shoe.”

Jeremy to Rachel seeing her with Coleman

“This is wrong, okay? I’m not a 19-year-old Instagram bimbo.”

Quinn seeing herself in a dress

“Those are your people, Chet, so get used to it.”

Quinn: “How was jail?”

Chet: “Uh, it was hard, really hard. A lot of drunks, losers… a lot of puke.”

Quinn: “Those are your people, Chet, so get used to it.”

“On the plus side, he’s not you, Chet. And that’s the best thing about him.”

Quinn about the new owner of the network

“‘America, welcome to my boobs.'”

Quinn about Yael’s outfit

“Ugh! In other words, a snoozefest in bed.”

Dominique: “I don’t have a fancy cocktail for you because I’m all about honesty, integrity, and knowing what you’re gonna get.”

Quinn: “Ugh! In other words, a snoozefest in bed.”

“You know, you’re awfully obsessed with my balls. You should probably look into that.”

Coleman to Quinn

“You can turn the cameras off if you want. But, you know, don’t blame me when you’re still wrangling anorexic bimbos because nobody got to see your best work.”

Quinn manipulating Jay to do what she wants

“By the time they came to town, the whorehouse had a bidet, and the saloon had recessed lighting.”

John Booth: “You see, to me, television is a land rush, and I’m looking for pioneers who aren’t afraid to go out into the wilderness, stake a claim to a new piece of territory, and then bring in the masses.”

Quinn: “If you’re looking for pioneers, why are you talking to them? By the time they came to town, the whorehouse had a bidet, and the saloon had recessed lighting.”

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“The Eagle has landed. I repeat… the Eagle has landed. Um, that just means that the thing that you asked me to do… He landed at the airport.”

Madison trying to sound cool and failing

“You can shut this down. And you can produce a sad, boring little NPR morality play. Or you can let this be the great piece of television that you know that it is.”

Quinn convincing Rachel to film Ruby’s dad confronting Ruby

“I don’t care how late it is. And if I see one droopy eye or saggy tit, someone’s getting fired.”

Quinn ordering a midnight elimination ceremony

“She might even say the ‘N word’ for you.”

Quinn telling John Booth he can meet Beth-Ann

“Yes, he is, but you’re not me. You’re not gonna survive it, okay? You’re gonna be right back to sleeping in your car and snorting cold medicine for breakfast.”

Quinn telling Rachel that Coleman is her Chet

“It’s gonna be too much work disappointing you every day, Ruby.”

Darius breaking up with Ruby

“I’m being an ass? Well, I guess we’re the perfect pair, then, because you’re a selfish, manipulative little bitch.”

Jeremy to Rachel, right before he assaults her

“You don’t need a boyfriend. You don’t need a boyfriend, Rachel. What you need is a zoo keeper ’cause you’re a wild animal who if let go…”

Jeremy as he attacks Rachel

“That’s not what a man does. I tried to help you. You’re fired.”

Chet to Jeremy after he saves Rachel 

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