Arrow and The Flash continue to grow for season 5 and season 3, respectively. Two new characters have been added for the upcoming season. An alum from the Harry Potter film series will be joining The Flash in a series regular role. Meanwhile Carly Pope has joined Arrow in an recurring role as an intriguing character. 

Tom Felton Joins The Flash Season 3

Though Tom Felton has had some TV roles, most people know him from the Harry Potter film franchise. Felton played the schoolboy villain Draco Malfoy for all 8 Harry Potter movies. According to TVLine now he will join The Flash as a series regular playing a character named Julian Dorn. 

Though the exact status and alignment of Felton’s character is unknown, Barry should be a little bit worried. Dorn will be a fellow CSI at Central City Police Department and he suspects that there is something more to Barry than he is letting on. Could Felton be playing the main villain of The Flash season 3? While not a superstar actor, he does seem like a very high profile name to be playing what sounds to be a very minor character. 

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Carly Pope Cast in Arrow Season 5

On The CW’s flagship superhero series, Arrow, another new face is coming to Star City. TVInsider reports that Carly Pope has been cast as reporter Susan Williams. Pope will recur in Arrow season 5 and her character Susan, will be determined to land a big story with Oliver Queen. This will probably revolve around Oliver’s new status as mayor which happened in the season 4 finale. 

Alone this character and casting doesn’t mean much. However, comics fans will recognize the name of Susan Williams. She married Hal Jordan’s, AKA Green Lantern, little brother in the comics, Jim Jordan. 

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time Arrow teased the existence of the Green Lantern or Hal Jordan. Perhaps Pope’s character will be the first step to seeing some form of the character on The CW DC universe. Or it could be another example of Arrow using a name from the comics and creating their own character like they did with Felicity Smoak.

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