On this episode of UnREAL, “Infiltration,” Quinn makes a powerful new ally. Rachel resorts to her old tricks. Jeremy unravels, and Darius and Ruby’s relationship hits a snag. 

Wars continue to rage behind-the-scenes of Everlasting. Jeremy learns that Rachel is sleeping with Coleman, and due to “Hot Rachel’s” complete lack of discretion, Rachel discovers the contestant is sleeping with her ex. Rachel warns Yael that sleeping with a crew member is grounds for getting kicked off the show, but Jeremy points out Rachel doesn’t have much room to talk since she was screwing the suitor all last season. Yael tucks this tidbit away for later. 

Quinn Plans for Her Future

Chet is out on bail and continues to profess his undying love for Quinn, but she’s got other things on her mind. She’s gearing up to attend the Impact Awards where she plans to give the hard sell to media mogul John Booth in the hopes of him handing her the helm of one of his networks. Chet warns Quinn that Booth is a bona fide douche, but the guy does have one major thing going for him in Quinn’s book, he’s not Chet. 

Cinderella Doesn’t Get an Invite to the Ball

There is still a television show going on, and viewers have voted for two fan favorites, Yael and Dominique (Where the hell has Dominique been all season?). It’s up to Darius to choose one woman to spend the night with. This development is unwelcome news for Ruby who just slept with Darius. Wait until she finds out some of the steamy footage was caught by Jay. 

This development also comes as news to Rachel who confronts Quinn who admits the votes don’t even get tallied. Quinn is pulling strings to make sure that Hot Rachel gets the overnight. If she gave Darius the choice, Quinn wouldn’t get what SHE wants. Quinn is definitely swinging her dick around, changing the show’s format to even include an overnight before the final two.

Quinn may be trying to exert her dominance on set, but is her face red when she learns that she hasn’t actually been invited to the Impact Awards. Rachel smugly informs Quinn that she and Coleman will be attending the event since Coleman is the showrunner. 

Jeremy’s Job Is in Jeopardy

Coleman finds out about Jeremy’s hostility towards Rachel (Rachel discovered a photo of herself full of bullet holes in the D.P.’s possession) and decides to strike back. He tells Jeremy the network isn’t happy with the look of the show, so he’s going to bring on a visual consultant. Coleman swears this doesn’t mean Jeremy is being fired, but Coleman does demote Jeremy. Jeremy questions if Rachel is pulling the strings on this one, but Coleman makes it clear his relationship with Rachel is none of Jeremy’s business. 

Jeremy doesn’t take the news well, getting drunk and pissing on Coleman’s car in retaliation. Chet stumbles across the scene and tells Jeremy he thinks he’s got an idea on how to improve both of their situations. 

Bait and Switch

Rachel is determined to undermine Quinn and decides to back the dark horse, Dominique. Meanwhile, Jay is practically apoplectic that Ruby is getting the brush off, especially after the “beautiful Nubian lovefest” he caught on film. Jay tells Rachel that what’s happening between Ruby and Darius is real, a love story worth telling. Rachel advises Jay to sit back and have some faith.

Dominique announces to Darius during filming that Yael is sleeping with the crew (One guess where she got this info). Yael tries to deny it, and the two begin arguing as a confused yet bemused Darius looks on. Darius dismisses both girls, Yael for being a slut and Dominique for tattling, and chooses to spend the night with Ruby instead. 

Quinn is livid, but ultimately it’s Coleman who’s calling the shots now. The Darius-Ruby hook up was Rachel’s idea, and Coleman’s not about to let Quinn mess with his golden girl. He suggests she take a week off. Coleman accuses Quinn of playing games just to get back at Rachel and advises her to accept the fact that Rachel has simply outgrown her mentor. He promises Quinn she’ll get her show back at the end of the season, he doesn’t plan on sticking around.

Coleman doesn’t elaborate on what plans he has for himself and Rachel, but Quinn smells blood in the water. She question that if Coleman wants her out so badly, why doesn’t he just call the network and have her removed? Does he lack the juice or the balls? Coleman comments that Quinn’s apparent obsession with his balls is something she should look into.

Quinn tries a different tact. The Darius-Ruby storyline isn’t resonating with the viewers according to the ratings, but Coleman doesn’t care. In a few more years, broadcast TV will be dead in the water, so why not make some noise? Fourteen seasons of the same thing has simply gotten stale. Quinn decides that if Coleman wants noise, that’s exactly what he’s going to get. 

There are Eyes Everywhere

Jay tucks Darius and Ruby in for their overnight and heads to the control room where he finds Quinn spying on the happy couple. She’s had more cameras installed in the suitor’s room which is a big no-no. Nobody is supposed to peep during overnights. Quinn makes it clear that since she’s the one who made the rules, it’s at her discretion when to break them. Quinn claims that Everlasting’s first black couple falling in love is gold, and she wants to capture every minute of it. 

Jay’s still dubious. He promised Ruby that nobody would be watching. Quinn points out he seemed to have zero problems with the illicit footage he shot last week, but now when Ruby might go all the way, all of a sudden, he’s skittish. Quinn gives him the option of shutting of the cameras but not to blame her when he’s still “wrangling anorexic bimbos” because nobody got to see his best work. Jay’s watched Quinn manipulate people for years, so it’s a bit surprising how easily he falls into her trap. 


New power-couple Rachel and Coleman arrive at the Impact Awards, and the attendees are a collection of who’s who in the television industry. Coleman can’t wait to introduce his new protege and make some connections that could benefit them in the future. Their first conversation is with John Booth who is a self-proclaimed superfan of Everlasting. He’s Team Beth Ann, strictly because he wants to see “Miss Sweet Home Alabama” bring home a black suitor.

Rachel and Coleman sell themselves an innovators. They’re rebuilding the Everlasting franchise, hoping to have huge ratings and social relevance. Booth appears intrigued. He compares the business of television to a land rush. He’s looking for pioneers who aren’t afraid to go out and stake their claim to a new piece of territory and bring in the masses. Enter Quinn. Booth knows exactly who she is and while Quinn is initially concerned that her reputation may have proceeded her (not in a good way) Booth considers her to be a legend. 

Rachel and Coleman slink off to the bar while Quinn continues to schmooze Booth. She’s got something big planned regarding Ruby and invites Booth back to the mansion to witness her handiwork firsthand. 

The connection between Ruby and Darius continues to grow, and Jay can’t wait to call Rachel with the news about how well the overnight is going. She questions how Jay could know, and he tells her about the cameras Quinn had installed. Rachel immediately warns him that something is up. 

Love Hurts

Chet takes Jeremy out into the woods for some male bonding. He draws on his experiences from his caveman-ish, self-actualization retreat, builds a fire and makes Jeremy own his truth. Jeremy reveals that he’s still in love with Rachel. Of course he is. Ambivalence is the opposite of love, not hate. 

The big surprise Quinn had in store is the arrival of Ruby’s father, Dr. Carter. Quinn, Booth and Ruby’s dad join Jay in the control room just in time for the good doctor to see his precious baby doing the quarterback. 

Rachel and Coleman arrive as Ruby’s dad busts into the suitor’s suite, and the cameras are rolling. Jay is determined to salvage Ruby’s privacy, and so is Rachel, at first. But Quinn knows exactly what buttons to push. She entices Rachel with the promise of making great television. This is who they are and what they love to do. Rachel’s brief dalliance with morality abruptly ends, and Rachel orchestrates a showdown between Ruby and her father before she can even get her panties on.

Daddy is disappointed that his smart daughter has thrown away everything for reality TV. Whenever anyone Googles Ruby, Everlasting will be her legacy. Ruby argues that she came on the show to have a wider platform for espouse her political views, but we all know that baby went out with the bathwater a while ago. 

Ruby swears she’s in love, but Dr. Carter can’t fathom how his daughter has fallen in love after four weeks with a football player. The good doctor doesn’t care about Darius’ bank account. He’s disgusted that a man in Darius’ position hasn’t done more for his people. Dr. Carter is convinced once he gets his daughter home, she’ll see how she’s been deluded, but Ruby refuses to leave. Ruby’s father lets her know how deeply ashamed he is of her and leaves. Ruby dissolves into tears, and the cameras keep rolling. 

Quinn is on a roll. Booth is duly impressed, claiming he thought the show was made up, but Quinn makes it clear they don’t make it up, “they make it happen.” She demands Jay and Madison wake the girls up for an unexpected elimination ceremony. 

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Rachel confronts Quinn, stating Quinn’s upset about not being invited to the party and taking it out on Ruby. The two go back and forth regarding the real source of their friction-Rachel’s relationship with Coleman. Quinn is convinced that Coleman will do to Rachel what Chet did to her. He’ll steal Rachel’s ideas and take all the credit, but unlike Quinn, Rachel is weak, and she’ll wind up sleeping in her car. Rachel argues that in three years, she’ll have her own show and a man who loves her, but Quinn insists Coleman is a user and warns Rachel to be careful. 

Unexpected Emotional and Physical Blows

Ruby dries her tears, puts on an evening gown and apologizes to Darius for her father’s behavior. But she admits that she knows she’s meant to make a difference and be heard. She believes Darius is capable of being more than a dumb-ass football player, and she could be the one to teach him. Never good to go into a relationship hell bent on changing the person into something they’re not. 

In a surprising elimination ceremony, Darius cuts Ruby from the team (so to speak). He wants her to go find a man who will be enough for her and her dad. Maybe he can be more, maybe not, but he doesn’t like the feeling that he could never live up to Ruby’s expectations. 

Jay feels betrayed by Rachel, Booth makes a move on Quinn (she declines). But that relationship has yet to play out. Coleman is concerned that Quinn is coming between himself and Rachel, but it’s Jeremy he needs to be worried about. The ex couple has a violent confrontation. Chet comes to the rescue-after Jeremy clocks Rachel-and fires Jeremy. Fat lot of good that male bonding did. 

How will being backhanded by her ex affect the emotionally-unstable Rachel? I’m guessing not very well.

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime.

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