A nearly forgotten chapter in Battlestar Galactica‘s history is being revived by Universal.  The studio has announced it will release a box set of the first Battlestar Galactia spin-off, Battlestar Galactica: 1980.  The series was invented when it became clear that Galactica was far too expensive for the returns.  Despite recycling effects sequences, and trending towards character oriented plots, the series was shelved in favor of the cheaper spin-off that explored a theme current Galactica fans can’t wait to ponder: what happens when Galactica gets to Earth?

In the spin-off, which is correctly belittled for its never-ending supply of cheese whiz, Galactica makes it to Earth, but does not escape detection of the Cylons.   Knowing that a Cylon invasion force is fast behind them, Adama (Lorne Greene) dispatches two of his best to Earth to help stimulate the development of the technology needed to fend off a Cylon attack.

The show is most often ridiculed for its flying motorcycles and reusing every cool effects shot from the original series.  Nonetheless, it is not without its moments.  Dirk Benedict, who played the original Starbuck, guest starred in a digressive episode that went on to tell the story of what became of Starbuck, who is conspicuously absent from the series.

In fact, most of the major players of the original series are absent from the show save from Greene.  The absence of the show’s most popular personas is explained through tales of heroic deaths, and the fore mentioned castaway.

Despite the copious schlock of the series, no serious Battlestar Galactica fan, new or old, should miss out on the set when it comes out.  Sure, a lot of folks would like to think that 1980 never happened, on Galactica or otherwise, but the show is an inextricable part of the Battlestar legacy.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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