Big Brother likes to have some fun with the HGs by making them do stupid things, and one of the most entertaining is when they’re forced to wear silly or ridiculous costumes. It started with a red unitard, but the show expanded its craziness over the seasons by adding stranger costumes. Here’s a look back at the history of strange outfits the HGs have been forced to wear over the years.

#26 Shelby in the Caddy Costume (Big Brother: Over the Top)

As a punishment in the week 2 PoV, Shelby was forced to dress up like a golf caddy for a week, carrying around a bag of golf clubs.

#25 Corey in the Patriot-tard (Big Brother 18)

As a punishment from the Power of Veto, Corey was forced to wear this red, white and blue unitard, with a bald eagle on one hand and a Zingbot placard on the other.

#24 Nicole as Super Safety (Big Brother 18)

Nicole won the third America’s Care Package, giving her immunity for the week but also requiring her to dress up as Super Safety with an orange traffic cone on her head. Following the Frog Suit and Germitard in season 16, this marks her third silly costume.

#23 Bridgette, Frank, Michelle and Paulie in Pixels (Big Brother 18)

As a punishment for losing the first competition, all members of Category 4 had to wear pixel costumes for the first week, meaning they were naked except for giant pixel boards covering their special areas.

#22 Jackie as the Knight in Shining Armor (Big Brother 17)

Not only did Jackie have to wear a cumbersome plastic suit of armor as a punishment from a Power of Veto competition, but Vanessa had to be her squire, polishing the suit for 24 hours straight.

#21 John, Jason and Liz/Julia as the Whackstreet Boys (Big Brother 17)

For losing the Battle of the Block and being dethroned as HoH, this trio had to dress in all-white as the faux boy band the Whackstreet Boys, learning a dance routine and having to perform it throughout the week. But it wasn’t all bad as Johnny Mac discovered he looks hot with a chin strap.

#20 Cody in the Dinosaur Suit (Big Brother 16)

As a punishment for being the first person eliminated in the week 10 Power of Veto competition, Cody had to dress up like a dinosaur for a week.

#19 Caleb and Victoria as Adam and Eve (Big Brother 16)

As a punishment for winning the week 5 Battle of the Block competition, Caleb and Victoria were chained together for 48 hours while wearing Adam and Eve costumes, skimpy bathing suits covered in leaves.

#18 Nicole in the Germi-tard (Big Brother 16)

As a punishment from the Power of Veto competition, Nicole was forced to wear a Germa-tard, a German-themed unitard complete with lederhosen, wienerschnitzel and a beer stein.

#17 Nicole in the Frog Suit (Big Brother 16)

As a punishment for being dethroned in the week 3 Battle of the Block competition, Nicole went from HoH to a lowly frog, wearing this costume for a week.

#16 Judd and Spencer in the Chicken Suits (Big Brother 15)

As a punishment for finishing last in an HoH competition, Judd and Spencer were both forced to wear chicken suits for 48 hours.

#15 Candice in the Clownie-tard (Big Brother 15)

Poor Candice. As if being targeted for eviction isn’t bad enough, she also had to endure the infamous unitard, designed like rival HG Aaryn Gries’ creepy Clownie doll.

#14 Ian in the Dog Costume (Big Brother 14)

As part of a punishment from a Power of Veto competition, Ian was Dog for a Day. Not only was he dressed up like a dog, but he had to be walked on a leash, sleep in a doghouse in the backyard and eat and drink from dog bowls.

#13 Frank in the Spirit-tard (Big Brother 14)

Frank scored the purple cheerleader unitard (aka the Spirit-tard) by losing a Power of Veto competition. The outfit from Big Brother University came with pom poms and a skirt.

#12 Frank in the Carrot Costume (Big Brother 14)

As a punishment for the Power of Veto competition in week 7, Frank got his second costume of the season as he had to dress up like a giant carrot for a week.

#11 Jordan in the Humili-tard (Big Brother 13)

For the week 6 Power of Veto competition, Jordan won the honor of wearing the Humilitard for one week, a humiliating green unitard with a dunce beanie, a tutu, the words “I’m With Stupid” on the front with an arrow pointing up and “Kick Me” written on the back.

#10 Adam in the Elf Costume (Big Brother 13)

For the fourth HoH competition of the season, the first five HG to fall were given snowballs to open with prizes or punishments. Three were the Have-Nots, one had $10,000, and the other, “won” by Adam, meant he had to wear an elf costume for the week.

#9 Enzo in the Penguin Costume (Big Brother 12)

In week 7, Enzo got stuck dressed as a penguin from a Power of Veto competition that Brendon won. While he was nominated, Enzo broke the curse of the costumes and was safe.

#8 Kristen in the Hippie-tard (Big Brother 12)

Another Power of Veto prize competition came in the fourth week of season 12 when Rachel was HoH. Kristen got stuck wearing a tie-dyed unitard (called the hippie-tard) and was evicted, marking the third straight HG to get evicted while wearing a costume.

#7 Lydia in the Captain Unitard Costume (Big Brother 11)

The red unitard got a little different when it was transformed into the Captain Unitard outfit, and in the second HoH competition of week 6 (the one after Chima was kicked out), Jordan won HoH and Lydia got stuck with the costume, and was then evicted.

#6 Caasy in the Banana Costume (Big Brother 11)

In the third week of season 11 another prize/punishment Power of Veto competition was held and Casey won a margarita party for the house, but also had to wear a banana costume for the week. He was then backdoored and evicted.

#5 Michelle in the Red Unitard (Big Brother 10)

Another version of the same game showed up in the fourth week of season 10 and Michelle was stuck with the red unitard this time.

#4 Crazy James in the Green Unitard (Big Brother 9)

In the “we try to forget it ever happened” season 9, Crazy James got a unitard of a different color, green, becoming the first man to wear a costume.

#3 Sheila in the Red Unitard (Big Brother 9)

In the fourth week of season 9, the red unitard returned in a competition similar to the one Jen played to get it. This time it went to 45-year-old Sheila.

#2 Jen in the Bunny Costume (Big Brother 8)

If a red unitard wasn’t bad enough, in week 5 of her season, Jen played in another PoV competition (this time going in as a nominee) and she won it by electing to wear a bunny suit for 120 hours. Daniele was the HoH that week.

#1 Jen in the Red Unitard (Big Brother 8)

The embarrassments began in season 8 on the second week when a “Cutthroat Christmas” Power of Veto competition featured a punishment of having to wear a red unitard for a week. Jen, who was HoH, got stuck with it, while Daniele Donato won it.

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