“The misconception is, these guys can kick, knee, punch, elbow, slam to the ground, this has to be more violent and dangerous. It’s not true,” says UFC President Dana White of the sport of mixed martial arts.

“What’s more violent than boxing? You and I stand in front of each other for 12 rounds, and my goal is to hit you so hard in the face that I knock you unconscious. In the UFC you and I can fight, and I can beat you and win, and never punch you in the head once. We can go right to the ground, start grappling, and pull off a submission. It’s not 25, 30 minutes of blows to the head non-stop.”

As well, he adds, “the difference with the tap out is that if I get you into a submission and you’re in a bad place – you can tap out with honour. It’s acceptable in this sport.”

White further points out that there’s never been a UFC injury more serious than a broken arm. However, he says, “At the end of the day it’s a contact sport and anything can happen.”

On the new HBO deal, White says he believes UFC events are going to be a great addition to HBO’s lineup. HBO has said they won’t include people from their current boxing coverage team on the UFC productions, which seems to please White.

“I love the sport of boxing, let me tell you. That’s where I came from, and I used to live, eat, breathe, sleep boxing. Unfortunately, all the guys who were involved in boxing, all had a hand in helping kill that great sport. And the thing that scares me is, all the sleazy, slithering, creepy guys from boxing all are starting to work their way over to MMA now. And hopefully, the UFC can position themselves right now to keep all the creeps out of the sport.”

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: NBC Sports, The Guardian
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