CW’s America’s Next Top Model is one of those reality shows that generally captures the 18 to 34 viewers bracket, becoming one of the most top rating shows nowadays based on Nielsen and remaining to be the most popular hunting ground for model wannabes. However, there is a new program from TV Land with the similar appeal of Top Model but with the distinction to lure the “beyond 35” viewers.

35 and Beyond Super Model Search, TV Land’s new reality series, fittingly connotes its purpose, which is to search for aspiring models that are older than those typically showcased on television and magazines. The upcoming show will take place at New York’s Wilhelmina Models Inc., the same location for VH1’s The Agency. Like America’s Next Top Model, 35 and Beyond will also be grounded on a competitive environment with challenges, eliminations and a modeling contract reward.

According to TV Land president Larry W. Jones, the network aims to serve its target demographic, which is the Baby Boomer generation. He said, “TV Land wants to be the brand that understands and appreciates the entertainment and pro-social needs of Baby Boomers. By expanding on our reach, where Boomers comprise roughly 75 percent of our target audience. TV Land is uniquely positioned to deliver entertainment and effective pro-social messaging that speaks to the life stage and values Boomers are currently experiencing. The days of targeting younger audiences, and hoping mature consumers will follow their lead, is now officially over.”

Could this be a major threat to the currently reigning America’s Next Top Model? The fame and popularity of America’s Next Top Model has spawned several other Top Model versions in other countries. Yet according to ratings, Tyra Bank’s version has lingered on as the top among all Top Model shows even though the Top Model copies have a very similar format. As of now, it’s still too early to conclude if 35 and Beyond will surpass Tyra’s franchise but it will definitely be interesting to see how the new show would perform next to the monster ratings eater.

-Kris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: RealityTV World

Kris De Leon

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