The labels “cool” and “geek” never went together, but now somehow they are such an exclusive pair, they might as well be going steady. And for geeks everywhere, this is the ultimate victory. An interest in such an intellectually challenging field like science, medicine, math, or technology has never been celebrated on the big and small screens like it is today. There are famous fictional geeks all over the place, correcting information, offering helpful stats, hanging out at the lab, and generally saving the day. Here are TV’s top 10 lab rats, whom we love to root for.

#10 Felicity Smoak, Arrow

Known for her genius-level intellect, tech savvy gadget design and ability to hack into any computer, Felicity Smoak is a valuable member of the Arrow team, quite possible the most valuable member behind Arrow himself. She often provides him with upgrades and tools that save the lives of others and his own, just in the nick of time. The man behind the bow knows this too, since he has completely fallen in love with her. And the geek gets the guy. Way to be, Smoak.

#9 Howard Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory

This super nerd might not have a PhD like the rest of his bros, but he spends his time as an aerospace engineer, so that’s way more badass anyway. He tinkers around in the lab with his space designs, and ultimately goes up into space himself. He may live with his mother, but aside from that, it seems like his life is pretty stellar.

#8 Jemma Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Any true geek is a hungry sponge, crazily seeking new knowledge to soak up. And that, in a nutshell, is biochem expert Jemma Simmons. She’s such a confident nerd, that it’s almost as if there was never a negative connotation with that word. She rocks her nerdiness like a head cheerleader or quarterback would in an ‘80s movie. Little girls everywhere now have Jemma to look up to, which will hopefully mean that we will be overrun with geeks within the next 15 years.

#7 Cosima Niehaus, Orphan Black

Perhaps the coolest of the clones, Cosima uses her brain as her way of flexing her badassery. She’s a biologist always searching for answers and she’s the only clone to wear the signature accessory of geeks and lab rats everywhere — glasses. But unlike other fictional geeks in TV land, she has the ability to adapt to any situation she’s put in, even social settings. She’s also caring, brave and loves people.

#6 Abby Sciuto, NCIS

A super goth nerd with tattoos everywhere and pitch black pigtails, Abby Sciuto is basically the raddest forensic scientist you have ever seen. While that may seem intimidating, the character is anything but. She’s funny, warm and gets crazy excited when death, supernatural beings or work related matter comes up in conversation. She is not to be messed with, but if she’s on your side, she’ll help you figure out any unsolvable puzzle.

#5 Dr. Temperance Brennan, Bones

Affectionately nicknamed “Bones” by her now husband Seeley Booth, Brennan is the epitome of grace and brilliance. Her conversations are often dry and she is usually very serious. But how can she not be as a celebrated forensic anthropologist and a kinesiologist? She sees some crazy sh** on a regular basis and approaches everything with logic and facts. She doesn’t appreciate being challenged, because she’s well aware of her own intellect, and is rarely ever wrong. It’s very hard not to love her.

#4 Dr. Harrison Wells, The Flash

A man in need of serious redemption after the multiple deaths caused by the particle accelerator explosion, Dr. Harrison Wells is a true lab rat with nothing left to lose. He mentors Barry after he starts exhibiting his supernatural powers and has his own agenda as to how those powers can be of use to him down the road. He’s mysterious, brilliant, wealthy, and has major influence over a new superhero, which makes him extremely dangerous.

#3 Dr. Abby Griffin, The 100

The Ark doc who led the initiative to send The 100 to the ground by designing the health monitoring bracelets that would tell the residents of the Ark whether or not Earth was once again an environment in which humans could survive. She is needed in all medical or research situations, so she spends all of her time on the Ark in the main lab. Much like her daughter, Clarke, she naturally exudes the swagger of a leader.

#2 Dr. Jack Hodgins, Bones

Well, every lab needs a designated “bug and slime guy,” am I right? This list would simply be incomplete without a spot for King-of-the-Lab Hodgins, because he’s a genius entomologist, and has amazing banter with Brennan. He’s fun to root for, especially when he gets to leave the lab and have a personal life with Angela. Also, he’s one of those science geeks that is completely underrated in the looks department. Yeah, I said it. Hodgins and his hotness are undeniable.

#1 Dr. Lanie Parish, Castle

How many medical examiners do you know who consistently maintain a sunny disposition? I mean, how is that even possible when your day job involves being stuck in a lab with dead bodies? Somehow, Dr. Lanie Parish masters this though, and serves as a loyal pal to Beckett. AND she has a solid work/life balance. Seems like she could be a life coach to all of us.

Chrissa Hardy

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV