Supernatural is still more than a week away from returning, but there’s some good news about two important figures in upcoming episodes.

According to TVLIne, the show is adding a female angel sidekick for Castiel as well as an appearance by the one and only Samuel Colt.

Castiel’s fellow angel is Rachel, a girl in her 20s who will hopefully be more helpful than Anna Milton was. She may also help the show finally explore the Angel Civil War going on in Heaven.

As for Samuel Colt, the brothers will be traveling back in time again. They’ve already gone back to see their young parents twice, so, following the Back to the Future trilogy, the third installment will take place in the Old West. Sam and Dean are going back to meet the Hunter who famously created the gun that can kill almost anything.

The Colt story is something that is a long-time coming. Eric Kripke once said that during season 3 the writers talked about the possibility of a Samuel Colt prequel series, meaning they have plenty of material to work with. We might also get to see the creation of the Colt and the huge Devil’s Trap that guarded the Devil’s Gate.

In traditional mind-bending Supernatural fashion, my guess is that Sam and Dean will actually help create the Devil’s Trap, thus helping to fulfill their own destinies.

The last time we saw the Colt it was being used to shoot, but not kill, Lucifer. Maybe this time travel episode could also explain what other creatures the Colt can’t kill and why.

And even though it’s probably not going to happen, I would love it if Bobby came along for the ride this time, if only so the show can make plenty of Deadwood references.

Who would you like to see cast as Rachel and Samuel Colt?

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Source: TVLine
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