#100 Thomas Dekker, Terminator

Before it was axed, Dekker was finally starting to grow up into the John Connor we all know and love.


#99 Zachary Levi, Chuck

The cutest geek on TV, Levi not only got some super cool ninja skills at the end of last season, but the show got renewed as well.


#98 LL Cool J, NCIS: Los Angeles

Even after all these years, the ladies still love him, and as the macho star of a new hit series, his appeal is bigger than ever.


#97 Joseph Fiennes, FlashForward

As the man in charge of figuring out what happened, Fiennes is everything you’d want in a heroic leading man, complete with a drinking problem that makes him just a little dangerous.

 Joseph Fiennes, FlashForward

#96 Rob Lowe, Brothers & Sisters

Politics can get ugly, and even though Rob Lowe’s character’s ambition can sometimes be unattractive, he’s still a man who stands by his family and wife. It only helps that Lowe is aging better than almost anyone else on TV.


#95 John Krasinski, The Office

Getting married to Pam showed off Jim’s romantic side, but Krasinski’s attractiveness takes a hit every time the show focuses on just how inept Jim really is at his job.


#94 Paulo Costanzo, Royal Pains

As the always horny sidekick, Paulo Costanzo somehow snuck into our hearts like a dog at the pound that refuses to take no for an answer.

 Paulo Costanzo, Royal Pains

#93 Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

There’s something strangely alluring about Sheldon’s oddly hyper-rational view of the world, and even if he can’t see it, fans across the Internet are rooting for him to wind up with Penny. People always say a sense of humor is very attractive, and as the funniest man on TV, Parsons proves that theory.


#92 Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13

The goofball agent who helps procure special items for the government, Eddie McClintock is a throwback to when men were just big loveable kids.

 Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13

#91 Michael Lombardi, Rescue Me

The cute little probie is still dumber than five boxes of rocks, but his dreams of musical stardom and general naiveté simply made us like him even more.


#90 Mark Harmon, NCIS

The leading man of TV’s top show, Harmon is the sophisticated yet rugged problem solver who serves as TV’s version of Harrison Ford.


#89 Josh Hopkins, Cougar Town

As the gruff neighbor who reluctantly befriends Courtney Cox’s aging cougar, Hopkins is one sexy dude who has a rotating lineup of women at his door.


#88 Luke Grimes Brothers & Sisters

The Walker family got a new member as we learned Ryan was the real long-lost sibling, and even though he’s a little bit evil, he’s still gosh-darn adorable.


#87 Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Whether he’s womanizing as Barney Stinson or hosting the Tonys or Emmys, Neil Patrick Harris is one classy, elegant and dashing man who is a world-class entertainer.


#86 Jason Schwartzman, Bored to Death

There’s just something about a neurotic pot enthusiast who loves wine, detective novels and pining over his ex-girlfriend. We know he’s got more than enough problems to sabotage any relationship, but we’d still be willing to give it a try.

 Jason Schwartzman, Bored to Death

#85 Eddie Cahill, CSI: NY

Eddie Cahill is the all-American boy next door. That is, if you happened to live next door to a man who is so hot he could make your grandma fan herself.


#84 Tom Cavanagh, Trust Me

Tom Cavanagh has always been a little bit quirky, and as a modern-day ad man in this short-lived TNT drama, he was like one big, goofy, attractive kid.


#83 Jay Harrington, Better Off Ted

As the boss always trying to look out for his employees, Jay Harrington is a perfectly attractive leading man with good comic timing to help make this little show worthy of a second season.


#82 Timothy Olyphant, Damages

Sure, he was a very bad guy, but Timothy Olyphant was still man enough to sweep Ellen off her feet.


#81 James Roday, Psych

This fake psychic detective struggled in 2009, dating one girl while pining for another, and with his quick wit, sweet dance moves and great smile, it’s easy to see how he was at the center of a love triangle.


#80 Christopher Egan, Kings

The poor little soldier who suddenly received acclaim for taking down Goliath made it easy to see how everyone, including the king’s daughter, would fall for his farm boy charms.


#79 Craig Olejnik, The Listener

This short-lived drama on NBC about a paramedic who can hear people’s thoughts had one very good thing going for it, and that was how ridiculously cute its leading man was.


#78 Logan Neitzel Project Runway

Logan was appreciated for his sexiness long before the models of Project Runway were fighting over him or his hotness had Carol Hannah in giggle fits. This fashionable fox was named one of Seattle’s sexiest residents way back in 2005.


#77 Scott Michael Foster, Greek

Cappie certainly grew up in 2009, and the former washout cleaned up his act enough to become to sweet leading man Casey wanted and needed, making us all root for him.


#76 David Duchovny, Californication

Even when things start to turn out OK, Hank Moody finds a way to screw it up. He’s suave and charming, and it’s easy to see why almost every female character on this show either has sex with him or wants to.


#75 Ben McKenzie, Southland

It’s a shame the second season was axed by NBC before getting picked up by TNT, because we were enjoying seeing little Ryan Atwood all grown up and looking very fine in blue. Luckily he’ll be back soon.

 Ben McKenzie, Southland

#74 Matt Lanter, 90210

Liam showed up on 90210 ready to shake things up a bit, and while his street racing days are behind him, this reformed rebel is still cute as a button.


#73 Thomas Jane, Hung

There’s no actor better suited to play this down-on-his-luck coach who turns to a life of male prostitution, and based on his clients, he’s very good at what he does.


#72 Sandhurst Miggins Make Me a Supermodel

If you can overlook his hilarious, Kermit the Frog-like voice, you’ll see that Sandhurst was one gorgeous man from top to bottom.


#71 Peter Facinelli, Nurse Jackie

With a weird compulsion to grab women’s breasts when he gets nervous, Peter Facinelli’s quirky doctor is just slick and handsome enough to get away with that kind of thing.

 Peter Facinelli, Nurse Jackie

#70 Simon Baker, The Mentalist

Solving murders with a wry sense of humor helps explain why Simon Baker is one very in-demand man.


#69 Shaun Sipos, Melrose Place

TV needed a new bad boy, and whether he’s getting into fights or stealing valuable jewelry, Shaun Sipos’ David Breck is as bad as they come.


#68 Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds

Shemar Moore has it all going for him: a hit show, soulful brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and a body that makes Olympic athletes jealous.


#67 Cory Monteith, Glee

This Canadian is the most adorably dim-witted jock on TV, but with his looks, charms and voice, we don’t care.


#66 Ryan Di Lello, So You Think You Can Dance

Some people might think all male dancers are lithe, slightly effeminate and delicate dancers. Not Ryan. This ballroom stud is a macho, muscular extreme sports enthusiast whose countless hours working out definitely pay off.


#65 Ryan McPartlin, Chuck

Captain Awesome is always hot, and since he was clued in to Chuck’s spy secret at the end of last season, we expect Awesome to become even Awesomer.

 Ryan McPartlin, Chuck

#64 Eric Dane, Grey’s Anatomy

Watching the man-whore of Seattle Grace develop a real relationship with Lexie has helped make this former bad boy even more appealing.

 Eric Dane, Greys Anatomy

#63 Aidan Turner, Being Human

Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood aren’t the only vampires in town, as this BBC series proved. Aidan Turner also showed us that, no matter what country your in, vampires are always hot.

 Aidan Turner, Being Human

#62 Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Being the coach got even harder in season 4, moving to East Dillon and coaching a bunch of washouts, but seeing Eric Taylor struggle to overcome adversity and do the right thing only makes him more appealing.


#61 Dave Annable, Brothers & Sisters

The youngest Walker grew up and got even hotter in 2009 by going to medical school and getting engaged to Rebecca, in a storyline that thankfully gets less creepy and longer it goes as we can forget that, for a large part of the series, they thought they were brother and sister.


#60 Derek Luke, Trauma

Derek Luke has the kind of smile that ends up in toothpaste commercials on a face that could easily land him on the cover of a magazine. He’s a dentist’s dream and great TV eye candy.


#59 Stephen Pasquale, Rescue Me

Pasquale’s character earned our sympathy this season fighting off cancer, but what really impressed us what the weird Broadway dream sequences where the actor proved he was also an accomplished singer.


#58 Milo Ventimiglia, Heroes

Peter became more of a hero recently, saving lives as an EMT, and while he’s still very good looking, we still wish he’d get a decent haircut.


#57 Jason Glover, So You Think You Can Dance

In season 5, Jason may not have made the finale, but he certainly made girls’ hearts flutter with his gorgeous physique and dance skills.


#56 Jesse Spencer, House

The Aussie became a lot more complex and interesting in 2009, killing a patient on purpose and coping with the guilt. After being marginalized for a few seasons, it was nice to see Chase back, sexier than ever.

 Jesse Spencer, House

#55 James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

The devoted husband became a professional basketball star and became an instant stud. We’d be more than happy to continue watching Nathan Scott making commercials for body spray.


#54 Matt Dallas, Eastwick

Shortly after the show killed off Matt Dallas’ character, it was canceled. Coincidence, or proof that killing off the cutest guy on your show is never a smart idea.


#53 Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Dancing with the Stars

No matter what ABC reality show he’s competing on, this Russian beast is man enough for any woman.


#52 Michael Rady, Melrose Place and Greek

Whether he’s the adorably nerdy science geek in love with Casey on Greek or the nerdily adorable budding film director Jonah on Melrose Place, Rady is giving dorks everywhere the hope of hooking up with insanely hot girls.


#51 Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy

Derek and Meredith finally seem to have their happily ever after, and while some of the spark may be gone, Dempsey has finally graduated from McDreamy to McHubby.

 Patrick Dempsey, Greys Anatomy

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