Last week, we saw NBC’s The Voice make a promising leap forward in ratings. But last night, The Voice, as well as a score of other shows, dipped in ratings.

The third episode of The Voice was down 19% from last week, with 10.41 million viewers. It’s typical to see shows dive a bit in ratings after the first few episodes, but let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue. I expect the ratings for The Voice to fluctuate quite a bit as viewers come and go during its first run, but even down 19%, the show is performing well. Heck, it’s already garnered enough attention to warrant a bit of a public rivalry with American Idol. We’ll see how it fares in the coming weeks.

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Also down this week was NBC’s The Biggest Loser, which dipped 10%, with 8 million viewers. It might be the show’s plodding two-hour runtime that’s turning some viewers away, especially with only five competitors left. We’ll see how the show does with its final four next week.

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Even FOX’s Glee drooped a little this week. It was down 3%, with 9.46 million viewers. And CBS’s NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles continued to dwindle this week. NCIS was down 5% to a season low, with 17.74 million viewers. And Los Angeles dropped 3%, with 15.02 million viewers. Even with these drops, though, there’s no doubt that CBS rules Tuesday nights with its procedurals.

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But not everyone was down this week! ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results show recovered slightly from last week, up 7%, with 17.53 million viewers.

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Source: Nielsen

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