Ever since we were introduced to Jessica, she’s been inexplicably lovable. Maybe it’s because her human life seemed so stifling, or perhaps it’s because her character has been so relatable (I mean, she’s just an angsty teenager coming into her own), but the fact is that Jessica has always been a True Blood favorite. 

Even when she chomped down on some defenseless faerie teens last season, it was still hard to completely hate her. I mean …she was just hungry! How would you feel if someone was dangling a Chipotle burrito with extra guacamole in front of you after you haven’t eaten for days? Regardless of how we feel as viewers, she still has a lot of trust to win back. Will she be able to do that in one season?

Andy Bellefleur Has Every Right to be Distrustful, Right?

While I feel for Jessica, I also understand why Andy is upset. Actually, I don’t understand why he’s not MORE upset, but hey. He only knew these girls for like a week or something. Not only did he promise to take care of these faeries, but he was extremely (and adorably) overwhelmed by fatherhood. I mean, he didn’t even know he was going to BE a father until the very last minute of season 5. He’s also The Sheriff of Bon Temps. His job is to protect people, and he must feel awful that he let his daughters get killed JUST when he was starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with being a dad.

If I found out Jessica drank my daughters like fruit punch, I would be pissed, too. But now Jessica has come back to repent, and she’s vowed to protect the remaining faerie daughter. And when that rogue, infected vampire shows up, she sure does. She stands outside Bellefleur’s house as the sun is coming up; she even risks her life. However, was it just me, or did her gaze seem to linger a little too long on Andy’s daughter once she was let inside?

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Will Jessica Ever be Redeemed? 

It’s the final season, so anything is possible. Remember, Jessica comes from a very religious household, so she’ll be feeling very guilty about killing a bunch of teenage girls. Even if she has no soul. 

Like I said before, Jessica has always been painted as a “good” character. She may be a vampire, but she certainly has morals. When she dated Hoyt, she was actually a really good girlfriend for awhile. She took a lot of crap from Hoyt’s crazy mom, and she even waited awhile before she cheated on him with Jason. 

Jessica’s character only took an antagonistic turn when Bill left her alone. But what do you expect when a parent leaves its very volatile teenage vampire alone? Yeah, she threw parties, and slept with people. Her recklessness turned into blind devotion when Bill came back as Billith; Jessica was forced to help him “find himself,” and help Bill collect information about Faerie blood. Really, it was partly Bill’s fault Jessica even got caught up with her faerie trickery. 

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Anyway, I’m not sure what will happen to Jessica this season. We’ve lost a major character already, so who’s to say if Jessica will even make it half-way through this season? Will she be redeemed when she dies? Will she accidentally kill Andy’s remaining daughter? Will she prove her loyalty and trustworthiness somehow? 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

True Blood airs every Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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Gina Vaynshteyn

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