The battle for Gillis Industries turned highly personal on Suits, “Two in the Knees.” The fight wasn’t just between Harvey and Mike this time. Donna, Rachel and Logan all had a role to play in this dirty fight for victory. Meanwhile, Jeff puts Louis in an awkward position in order to satisfy his own personal desires.

Team Harvey or Team Mike?

As the fight over Gillis Industry continued, the relationship between Harvey and Mike plummeted into deep, dark waters. They both crossed lines and even when Harvey was trying to “protect” Mike, he went too far.

Logan Sanders threatened to leave Harvey if the lawyer didn’t hit Mike hard and get him to drop out of the case. Knowing Harvey’s playbook, Mike interrupted his old mentor’s attempt to strong arm Gillis’ banker. That meant Harvey had to go personal.

Harvey didn’t want Logan digging into Mike’s past, so he went to Gillis and told him about Mike’s history with drugs. Gillis’ son died from drugs and Mike’s past created a divide between the two. Harvey got his way when Gillis dropped Mike.

Harvey got Mike’s attention with the move and then added gas to fire by telling Mike, “I made you. Without me, you are nothing.” OUCH! At that moment, Harvey demeaned Mike in a way that just mad him dig in even more. It was a mistake.

In response, Mike told Harvey he got the masters of his father’s music. The war moved into high gear. At least, Harvey realized that he couldn’t take this personal attack and act on it. That would only hurt his client, Logan.

Both Harvey and Mike played dirty.

Rachel Saves the Day

Donna convinced Harvey to use Rachel to calm the situation down. Harvey asked her to try to talk to Mike. When she showed up to talk to him, she never got around to discussing business, because Mike found out the truth about her and Logan.

Mike’s investigation into Logan Sanders uncovered his divorce court records. Rachel said ended the relationship with Logan, but she testified that Logan ended it. She came clean to Mike and told him that Logan asked her to marry him, but she said no. Logan asked for her help during his divorce and she complied.

She declared her love for Mike and that she wants to spent her life with him. At least Logan didn’t come between them. Mike understood and believed her. The conversation gave Rachel a different idea about how to resolve the situation.

Rachel went to Logan. She reminded him of how she helped him and that he owed her. She wanted him to ease up on Mike and Logan agreed to help Rachel. He visited Mike to apologize for the personal attacks. It will be interesting to see what comes next, since Logan told Mike he did it because he didn’t want to hurt Rachel.

For now, the personal attacks are off the table, but the battle’s not over.

Fight Continues

Mike corned Gillis in the parking garage and reminded the business owner that the threat to his company is real. Mike still wants to save his company even if he doesn’t have Gillis’ support. Mike bought another 2% of the company.

Will Gillis come around? Not yet at least.

Harvey and Mike are still going against each other for Gillis Industries, but they have given up the personal attacks. In a final peace offering, Mike sent Harvey the elder Specter’s music tapes.

Poor Louis … Again

Once again Louis was used and abused and it’s starting to get a little repetitive. Yes, the situation provided some hilarious moments, but it’s becoming more difficult to see Louis as a real, authentic character instead of a caricature.

In this case, Jeff used Louis in order to try to get closer to Jessica. He gave Louis a back rub and used innuendos which led Louis to believe that Jeff was in love with him. Instead, it was all a ploy to get to Jessica.

To make Louis’ situation worse, Donna played along and encouraged the lie in order to help protect Jessica’s true relationship with Jeff. When Louis finally figured out the truth, it was painful to watch the disappointment all over his face.

Louis said he won’t make the mistake of trusting someone again. I hope that’s not entirely true for his sake, but he doesn’t have a great track record of reading people’s true intentions. 

At the same time, Louis should use this to gain some leverage against Jeff and even Jessica to help him gain influence in the fight with the SEC and Woodall. The firm needs Louis to help on the case, just as much as Jeff with seven clients being targeted immediately.

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