Pam, one of our favorite True Blood characters, is going to great lengths trying to find Eric Northman, her ex-Maker, Best Friend, Business Partner, Confidant, Lover. At least, that’s what she’s probably doing, right? Last we saw of Eric, he was burning to a crisp as his temporary ability to survive in daylight deteriorated after Warlow was staked to death. Where is Pam, and what is she doing? 

Pam’s Whereabouts are Revealed

Pam apparently has travelled all the way to Marrakech, Morocco. There, she plays Russian Roulette with some pious vampire who looks down upon her because he thinks she’ll die and go to Hell. We all know this guy is going to get the bullet, because to kill off Pam would be one of the greatest mistakes in vampire TV history. Sure enough, he shoots himself in the chest and explodes into a puddle of vamp guts. Since she won the game, Pam then gets some information out of the tavern owner. We can only guess the slip of paper illustrating a cryptic map is about Eric’s location. It’s neat that Pam is in Morocco and all, but why? Since Eric was sunbathing in Switzerland, why would a Moroccan vampire know where he is? 

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Theory #1: He’s been captured, due to his frail state of being. By who? Why? We don’t know.

Theory #2: Eric is so heartbroken over Nora’s death, he pulls an Edward Cullen and goes into hiding right before he attempts to kill himself. 

Theory #3: Eric is so overwhelmed by everything, he just wants to to chill out and not deal with other vampires, OR humans.

Theory #4: He now rules over some random country or town that is more tolerant of vampires. Transylvania, perhaps?

Theory #5: He’s in Sweden, AKA his Motherland.

Of course, this is all assuming he’s still alive. Fingers crossed. 

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Hunting for Eric

What will Pam even do once she finds Eric? I mean, he did release her. He’s also treated her like garbage all throughout season 5 and 6, and let’s not forget how he snubbed her for Sookie in season 4 when he was cursed with amnesia. Does Pam expect things to go back to normal? Will she tell him what’s what and that she doesn’t appreciate being left alone to deal with Billith’s mess? 

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How Will Tara’s Death Affect Pam?

Since Tara and Pam eventually became a hot item, Pam will undoubtedly be upset once she detects that her progeny is dead. I’m still kind of upset over the way they glossed over Tara’s death, but whatever. Pam did abandon her in order to go after Eric, so will she feel guilty? Probably. Pam DOES have a big heart, even if her snark says otherwise. Vampires definitely don’t take the death of their maker or progeny very lightly, and I have a feeling this will reshape Pam’s role this season. She might be kinder, colder, more hateful, more spiteful, or just downright sad. Worst of all, she can’t even blame humans, since an infected vamp was the one who did it. Perhaps Tara’s fate will make Pam search a little harder for the only family she has left. 

What do you think Pam is up to?

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Gina Vaynshteyn

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