Finch and his team will be facing a new threat in Person of Interest Season 4. They won’t be entirely focused on helping the “number” of the week, but bringing down the nefarious Samaritan. The challenge will be more difficult since they have to remain hidden under their new aliases and lives.  

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Executive Producer Greg Plageman and star Jim Caviezel teased a new dynamic on the series for season 4 while talking to reporters at San Diego Comic-Con.Check out the video interview and highlights below.

Interview with Executive Greg Plageman and Jim Caviezel

Highlights from the interview:

  • This year, they have to go underground with covers. Samaritan is powerful, though can’t see them because of the bug put into the system.  If they make a wrong move, they could be exposed.
  • The team will still get a number. It’s possible the “number” will have to die to protect others.
  • They don’t have money, ammunition, communication… They have to talk in code to reach other.  
  • “It’s the Empire Strikes Back. The Empire is Samaritan in this case.” – Cavizel
  • It’s an Orwellian state. The machine was always watching, but it was on their side. Now, it’s flipped. 
  • During the Arab Spring, the governments used social media to track down people. It became difficult to organize without being caught, tortured or killed. The team will be in a similar situation. They have new names, professions and hide in plain sight. 
  • For Reese and Shaw,  “It’s like caging a lion. It’s like telling a shark to stop swimming. I think that becomes untenable for for those characters.” – Plagemen
  • Reese and Finch will have conflicts over what to do when numbers come up. What should they do? How are they supposed to help or intervene?
  • Reese felt he was already dead, so helping people made him feel alive. What does he risk now by trying to shut it down?
  • There has to be a Kryptonite for Samaritan.
  • Finch is the father of something powerful (the machine). Can he use that to bring down Samaritan? Or does he need to come up with another way?
  • The first 3 seasons were about Orwellian survelliance state. Season 4 will be about artificial intelligence.  “It’s about what we perceive to be the biggest existential risk since the Manhattan Project.” – Plageman
  • “It’s about a war between two artificial intelligences.” – Plageman
  • “Root lays things out. If you do this, you’ll end up dead.” – Plageman
  • There will be some flashbacks in episode 5 that shows cracks in the relationship between Root and the machine. Finch understands the machine on a deeper level than Root ever could. Those two will conflict in the episode

Person of Interest Season 4 premieres Tuesday, September 23 at 10pm ET on CBS.

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