In the Covert Affairs Season 5 Summer Finale, called “Sensitive Euro Man,” Annie is on the run again, this time to help Ryan out of his predicament. 

An Honest Man

By the end of this episode I felt really guilty. Why, you ask? Because for some strange reason I kept getting these bad feelings about Ryan. I think it’s a mark of a well-written show when you’re never quite sure who the bad guy is. Even though all of the evidence kept pointing at Caitlyn, I still couldn’t trust it. We’d been thrown so may red herrings by this series, I thought there was a chance that Ryan had set it all up to look like Caitlyn did it. 

Now that I know for sure he was on the up-and-up, I feel I owe it to the poor guy to re-watch this episode so I can see everything he did, not as a bunch of tricks, but as a man looking for a place to fight back from. 

Ryan and Annie, Together Again

I loved that Annie, once she got past her initial uncertainty of course, never doubted Ryan once they met up and they both agreed that Caitlyn was behind it all. Well, Caitlyn and her friend Bolenko, but I’ll get back to him later. I’ve enjoyed watching them work together as a team since pretty much day one, so it was nice to see them pairing up for their biggest “case” yet. 

Finding out that Ryan had once been married and had lost his wife to cancer was a real eye-opener. I never, ever suspected he had that sort of pain hidden in his past. I had assumed he was a badass from day one, but now I wonder how much of his bravado comes from just trying to make it past something like that. It was nice that he and Annie got to have their little romantic interlude before the crap started hitting the fan. I like it when tough guys show a little heart and that’s what we saw more of in this episode. 

Are Auggie and Hayley Done Forever?

While Annie and Ryan were gathering information on Caitlyn and her devious plans, Hayley was gathering her own information on Annie. That led to some pretty awkward scenes between Hayley and Auggie, but I was glad to see they were able to put it behind them when it was all over. I have to wonder if that means we might see Hayley back again, but hopefully not in a professional manner. 

The last few minutes of this episode were some of the most intense I’ve ever seen on this series. Full of hand-to-hand combat, explosions, car chases and a few people being shot. When Caitlyn shot Ryan all I could think was how awful it would be for Annie to lose him after all she’s been through. I keep saying that poor girl needs a break, but it seems like it’s not going to happen anytime soon. 

See You In the Fall

So now Bolenko has escaped, but we all know Annie will never let it go at that. Now that she’s got the man who blew up the Chicago office in her sights, she’s never going to let him go. I can’t wait for the show to return this fall to find out whether Ryan lives (I really hope he does!) and exactly how Annie is going to get Bolenko once and for all. 

My favorite bits:

Ryan showing up behind Annie like a ghost. Scared the daylights out of me, but I had to admit it was pretty cool. 

Annie: “I’m the one who didn’t shoot at you, remember?” 

Ryan: “Yes and I appreciate that.”

Annie telling Ryan that if he need to lose his shit, he better get it over with so they could focus. 

Kind of laughing at Ryan and Annie’s idea of “focusing.” Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Ryan and Annie switching to night vision to take out the men who came to the house. That was awesome.

Auggie announcing he was done lying for Annie. Ouch. 

Not being able to count the amount of curse words that left me when Caitlyn shot Ryan. 

Hayley showing up at the absolute worst time. Ugh. 

Annie: “If I’m wrong, you can arrest me. But I’m not. So shoot me, or let me go.”

Annie chasing down the car on foot. 

The Annie vs. Caitlyn fight. 

Bolenko shooting Caitlyn. Whoa!

Wanting to scream at my TV: When are they going to find Ryan?! When Arthur finally got the call. 

Arthur returning home safe and found to his family. 

Annie’s face when she saw Bolenko on the news. She is so totally going to take that man down. 

What did you think of this episode of Cover Affairs? What scenes surprised you the most?

Covert Affairs will return with new episodes on USA this fall. 

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Michelle Carlbert

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