During last week’s episode, Bilith learned that he was Lilith’s prophet and could see the future, while Eric tried and failed to glamour Governor Burrell into changing his anti-vampire stance. In this week’s episode, “You’re No Good,” Bilith wants to use Sookie to create a new synthetic blood source and Steve gets an unwelcome visitor in vampire-prison. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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Eric and Willa?

Eric delays his plan to murder Willa when she says she can tell him about the experiments. Willa tells Eric that her father created these “camps” — part prison, part research facility — and that the vampires they are arresting are taken to these camps, not to jail. The humans are studying these captured vampires to learn everything they can about their enemies. But although Willa does not know the location of these camps, she is the only leverage Eric has against Burrell, so he decides to hold onto her a bit longer.

After picking up Pam and Tara from Fangtasia, the group heads to Ginger’s place to go to ground for the day. Pam and Tara try to talk Eric into killing Willa, but Eric refuses to dispose of his only bargaining chip. We do not get a great understanding of what Eric intends to do with Willa, but we do get the sense that she could be his new love interest, thanks to a less-than-sexy scene the two share in a coffin.

Burrell calls Eric under the guise of negotiating his daughter’s release, and the two men pretend they do not know what the other is really up to. But while Eric is talking to Burrell and Burrell is tracing Eric’s location, Tara disappears with Willa. Pam and Eric are not far behind, and Eric leaves Ginger in place to keep Burrell’s men occupied.

What is Eric’s plan for Willa? Did Tara take Willa away because she was sick of following Eric’s orders or did Willa somehow escape? And what will Burrell do to get his daughter back safely? Or does he care about her safety at all?

Sam vs. the Were-Pack

Alcide, Martha and Rikki are arguing over what to do about Emma when the cops show up. Rikki forces Emma to shift at the last minute in order to avoid detection and the cops leave, but it is only a matter of time before they return. Rikki wants Emma gone because she puts the pack in danger, but packmaster Alcide says she stays and that is the end of it. If the writers are trying to make all the weres unlikable, they are succeeding.

Sam and Lafayette recover from the pack attack thanks to help from Nicole and her friends. Once he locates Emma and the weres, Sam calls on Nicole for help once again. Nicole and her people serve as a distraction so Sam can rescue Emma, but the distraction works a bit too well and the werewolves attack Nicole’s group. Knowing that Nicole put herself on the line for him, Sam and Emma chase after her, hoping to help her escape the fate the rest of her group suffers courtesy of the pack.

A Much-Welcome Return

In the best moment of the episode, Anna Camp makes a thrilling return as Sarah Newlin. Sarah pays a visit to her ex-husband, who is the first of our main vampires to wind up in one of Burrell’s camps. At first, Steve is relieved to see his ex, thinking she is there to help him, but Sarah takes no time in setting him straight.

After Steve left her, Sarah got into politics and she believes these camps are God’s way of saving the human race from the vampires. The camp has mere moments of screen-time, but she makes the most of them and reminds us all that humans with a grudge can be more terrifying than any torture-tool one can think of. Sarah leaves Steve in the hands of the camp’s resident “doctor,” who questions Steve about Eric.

Will Steve survive his stay in vampire torture camp? Will Sarah’s new political career put her on Burrell’s radar or is she already working with him?

Bilith Has Limitations

After waking from his hallucination-chats with Lilith, Bilith wants to test his new-found powers by meeting the sun. Jessica tries to talk him out of it and helps him heal after his powers fail to keep him from burning to a crisp. Bilith’s vision of the burning vampires — Jessica among them — leads him to seek out a way for the vampires to become immune to the sun’s effects. Bilith sends Jessica to find the man responsible for synthesizing Tru Blood while he goes to see Sookie.

Though Bilith is not immune to the sun, he no longer needs an invitation to enter a human’s home, something Sookie learns the hard way when her first love drops in for a chilling chat. Bilith wants to use Sookie’s faerie blood to help vampires get over that whole burning-in-the-sun problem, but Sookie refuses to cooperate and kicks Bilith out.

Yet all hope is not lost because Bilith runs into Sheriff Andy and learns that Andy has four unprotected faerie daughters with plenty of faerie blood to spare. Will Andy figure out what Bilith wants with his daughters before it is too late?

Where is Warlow?

After Warlow fails to gain entry into Sookie’s home, Niall heads to the faerie club in the hopes of putting together a Fae army to fight Warlow. But when he arrives at the club, it has already been destroyed, and the last living faerie survives just long enough to tell Niall that the club was attacked by a powerful vampire, presumably Warlow.

Outside the club, Niall meets Ben-the-halfling. After realizing that Niall is the Faerie King and Sookie is in danger, Ben agrees to help in the fight against Warlow. Niall brings Ben to the Stackhouse home, giving Ben and Sookie more time to connect over their faerie nature. During their flirt-session, Sookie wonders why she can feel Ben poking around in her head when she has not been able to feel that same intrusion from other faeries. Do Ben and Sookie have a special connection? Is Ben really Warlow-in-disguise?

While Sookie and Ben are connecting, Niall senses a vampire approaching the house and uses his faerie lights to blast it away. But it is Nora, not Warlow, who shows up at Sookie’s home. Before we can learn why Nora appears, Sookie screams for help as Jason drops to the floor, unconscious. Have all those concussions finally caught up to him or did Bilith do something to Jason upon his visit to Sookie’s home?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you enjoy Steve and Sarah’s tense reunion? Are you glad Nicole survived the were-attack? Do you have any name suggestions for Andy’s daughters so the poor things can stop going by number-names? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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