This season, Mad Men has been more GIF-able than ever before. Whether someone was getting shot in the face, falling down the stairs, or just proclaiming an undying love of puppies, Matt Weiner and Co seemed to provide a tiny moment for the Internet age each episode.

With the sixth season now behind us and the final season months (and months!) away, we decided to take a look at some of the best, funniest, and most memorable Mad Men moments this season.

The Nine Lives of Ken Cosgrove


Trusty account man Ken Cosgrove has had a no good, very bad year. The Chevy guys seemed hell-bent on getting him killed, whether in a car accident or with buckshot to the face.

mm2.gifYou killed Kenny! You bastards! 

mm3.gifLike most people, Ken reacts to his near death experience by expressing his feelings through the power of dance:

mm4.gifIf the Chevy guys don’t kill Ken eventually he might have a very lucrative future on Broadway. 

Roger Says Goodbye to His Mom

mm5.gifBut never drops his drink. That’s the Sterling way.  

Ladies Lay Down the Law

mm7.gifAfter Don blows off Jaguar, Joan understandably freaks out considering she slept with Herb to get the account for the agency. But she’s not the only one laying down the law:

mm8.gifHaving had enough of his womanizing ways, Trudy finally kicks the sleazy Pete to the curb. You go gurl!


Which might explain why Pete is so angry at cereal. 

mm10.gifAnd poor Sally walks in on her father having an affair with downstairs neighbor Sylvia and decides she’s had about enough of his nonsense. 

mm11.gif“My father’s never given me anything.” Someday, Sally is going to make some therapist very, very rich. 

Stan Grows a Beard, Becomes Most Lovable Person on the Show

mm12.gifPerhaps it’s because the beard makes him look like a giant, stoned teddy bear, but Stan has been this season’s MVP. 

mm13.gifWho can beat Stan? NO ONE.

mm14.gifSeriously, I would watch a whole spinoff of Stan and Peggy just being wonderful. 

SCDP Becomes SCDPCGC Becomes SC&P

mm15.gifAfter pitching Heinz, SCDP bumps into CGC, also there for the account. Stan’s loose lips with Peggy might have lost the agency the account. Awkward! 

mm16.gifThis causes Stan to burn all of his friendship bracelets from Peggy, but only briefly, because soon the two agencies merge. 

We Find Out Ted has Many Talents


He can fly! 

mm18.jpgHe’s literary! Look at him, reading the award-winning “Something” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. No wonder Peggy is smitten.

Peggy has the Worst Breakup Ever


That’s one way to say you’re done with someone. 

mm20.gif“He’s going to make it right?” Peggy asks. This is the EMT’s response. Inspiring! Even that EMT was already over Abe. 

mm21.gifImma let you finish other breakups, but Peggy had the worst breakup of all time. OF ALL TIME. 

Actually There’s Been a Lot of Bodily Harm this Season

mm22.gifHugs not drugs Don.

mm23.gifSome of the bodily harm has been pretty funny.

mm24.gifAnd some of it has been REALLY FUNNY.

Roger is Still Dropping Some of his Patented Sterling’s Gold

mm25.gifPlus we found out Roger can juggle! Is there anything he can’t do? (Work, maybe.) 


There Have Been Some Awkward Moments this Season…

mm27.gifEveryone involved in that hug looks uncomfortable.

mm28.gifOh hey there, just me Bob Benson interrupting this baby daddy drama moment. Want a coffee? Want a scone? Want to marvel in the beauty of my short shorts? 

mm29.gif“I love puppies.” – Don Draper

mm30.gifOh Bob, if only “He’s Just Not That Into You” had been written in 1968.

In Season 6, Bob Benson was Everywhere

mm31.gifCoffee? Nurse suggestions? Ride to the hospital? Unwanted sexual advances? Anyone?


Of course, not everyone appreciated Bob’s special, kind of creepy version of helpful. 


Even Though Don has Been a Real Dick Whitman this Season, He’s Still had Some Good Moments


He bonded with his son Bobby, who we remembered existed for the first time in like six seasons.

mm34.gifBut this was perhaps the best Don Draper moment all season. He really nailed it. As an overgrown baby himself, I’m guessing he went method on that. 

So Basically Mad Men Season 6 can be Summarized in Two GIFS

mm35.gifEveryone on this show always is, which leads to:


See you all in season 7, when the drugs get more psychedelic, Ken gets injured in exciting new ways, and maybe Don finally changes for the better. 

What did you think? What were your favorite moments from Mad Men Season 6? Sound off in the comments!

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Morgan Glennon

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