In last week’s final season premiere of True Blood, Arlene and several others were taken hostage during the attack on Bellefleur’s, while Pam was halfway around the world, still searching for Eric. Jessica stayed true to her promise to keep Adilyn safe, and Lafayette made a new friend in the recently recast James. The entire town of Bon Temps decided to blame Sookie for the H-vamps’ attack, and we lost a long-time series regular thanks to the true death of Rutina Wesley’s Tara.

In this week’s episode, “I Found You,” the hostages find a potential savior in a familiar face, and Sookie travels with several others to a neighboring town that could give them information on what is in store for Bon Temps. Read on to find out if the second episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Welcome to Saint Alice, Population 0

Remember that body Sookie stumbled upon in the woods in last week’s episode? The dead girl turns out to be the key to getting answers about how the H-vamps are operating. Sookie tells Andy that she did not recognize the dead girl, or any of the H-vamps, so maybe she and they came from another town. Sookie’s theory is spot-on and the dead girl is from the nearby town of Saint Alice.

Sookie, Sam, Jason, Andy and Alcide head to Saint Alice to question the townsfolk about the H-vamps. But once they arrive, they discover that Saint Alice is a ghost town and the H-vamps killed or kidnapped everyone. They head to the dead girl’s house and Jason does pizza forensics to discover that the family was taken two and a half days earlier. Jason also realizes that the H-vamps hit a town again and again until they wipe it clean and move on to the next. They all wonder if Bon Temps is going to become the next ghost town.

The Fangtasia Debacle

Why no one has considered searching for the H-vamps and their hostages at Fangtasia, a place known to every vampire in the country, is beyond me. But since everyone in Bon Temps has apparently lost all common sense in the wake of the Bellefleur’s tragedy, Arlene and the other hostages are on their own. At least until Arlene recognizes one of the H-vamps as Betty, a former Bon Temps teacher who taught Arlene and Holly’s kids. The women use this connection to play on Betty’s sympathies and get her to agree to help them. Unfortunately, Betty turns into vampire goo by the end of the episode, so this hostage crisis will continue into next week.

But Betty gives us a glimpse of the dynamic between the H-vamps. Despite the wicked blood-lust brought on by the Hep-V virus, these H-vamps are organized. They seemingly have a system in place for everything, including how often they eat, hunt and sleep. They are not mindless creatures and some of them are still clinging to the last shreds of their humanity, even as the virus drives them to commit acts of savagery. Does this mean that the hostages can find another H-vamp willing to set them free? 

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Lettie Mae Loses It

After Willa’s blood allowed her to talk to her dead daughter, Lettie Mae goes to Lafayette to hit him up for more V. But Lafayette is not interested in feeding his aunt’s newest habit, so he sends her away empty-handed. Lettie Mae then gets the idea to burn herself in order to trick Willa into giving her more blood. Willa, the kind-hearted vamp that she is, plays right into Lettie Mae’s hands.

In her V-induced vision, Lettie Mae sees Tara. She looks beautiful, but she only speaks in tongues so Lettie Mae cannot get the answers she seeks from her daughter. While I should be concerned that Lettie Mae will probably spend the rest of the season getting high on V, I am too excited about the possibility of more Tara visions to care.

But what answer is Lettie Mae searching for? Lettie Mae claims that her brief reconciliation with Tara made her want more time with the daughter she neglected all her life, but is that all she’s after? Has Lettie Mae really changed enough to want a relationship with Tara, even if it is only in her own mind? And how will Lafayette be affected by all of this?

Can Jessica Save Adilyn?

Andy’s faerie daughter is one of many citizens to be tasked with the clean-up at Bellefleur’s. Mayor Sam gives them all this task as a way to keep their minds off the H-vamps situation, but putting all of those angry, terrified people together just makes things worse. Vince uses this opportunity to tell everyone about Sam’s tendency to turn into a dog and get them to turn against their mayor. Vince turns the citizens of Bon Temps into an angry mob and they decide to arm themselves against the coming threat instead of relying on Andy and the police to keep them safe.

Adilyn uses her special listening skills to find out that the mob will be heading to the police station, as it has a whole supply closet full of guns just ripe for the taking. Adilyn and Holly’s son Wade try to get the guns out of the police station before the mob arrives, but they do not succeed and Kenya eventually gives the mob access to the weapons. Adilyn uses her faerie powers to try to prevent this and the mob turns against her. She and Wade are taken away and presumably locked up.

Though Jessica senses Adilyn’s fear right away, it is still daylight out when Adilyn runs into trouble. When Andy returns from Saint Alice, he is not pleased to find Jessica hiding in his attic. Andy attacks Jessica, thinking she murdered his last living daughter, but Jessica gets him to see the truth. Jessica swears that she will find Adilyn as soon as the sun sets and she asks Andy if he is coming with her to rescue his daughter. Jessica and Andy seem like they would make a pretty formidable team. Perhaps they can rescue Arlene and the other hostages once they are done saving Adilyn.

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Sookie and Bill: A Love Story or a Hot Mess?

Sookie quickly learns that she has a lot in common with the dead girl from Saint Alice. Via the dead girl’s diary, Sookie learns that said dead girl also fell in love with a vampire, but she lost him to the Hep-V virus. Sookie reads the girl’s thoughts about her experience with her vampire boyfriend and thinks back to her first days with Bill. Sookie remembers the excitement she felt when they were first falling in love, but as Alcide points out, everyone feels that way about their first love.

Yet when they return to Bon Temps, Sookie sends Alcide upstairs to shower so she can sneak out to see Bill. This is a terrible idea for many reasons, but the first one that comes to mind is the fact that Sookie heads out into the night all on her own, without even a weapon to protect herself from the H-vamps. Sorry, Sookie, but I doubt your faerie ball of light would be enough to save you from an entire pack of H-vamps. At least take a few stakes or something.

The purpose of Sookie’s visit to her ex is to ask Bill if he can still feel her fear. I am not sure where Sookie is going with this, but I expect much of the next episode to involve Sookie and Bill teaming up for some mission. Are you hoping these two will reconnect or do you want them to realize that their romance should stay in the past?

Pam Finds Eric

Though her search for Eric kept her away from Bon Temps for six months, we did not have to wait long to see their reunion. Pam makes it to France — the Rhone Valley, specifically — and finally finds her maker. While this should be a happy occasion, it looks like Eric has contracted Hep-V. Is that why he stayed away for so long? How did he get infected? And more important, can he be saved?

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Jason’s Dream

You thought I forgot about this, didn’t you? This week’s episode begins with the first Eric sighting of the season. Alas, it is clear before long that this is just a dream — Jason’s dream, to be specific. Last season, Eric gave Jason some of his blood to help him heal, and as we all know, this brings about some very erotic dreams. Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten certainly made the most of their on-screen chemistry, and I think it is safe to say that Jason’s dream will go down as one of the best hook-ups in True Blood history. But what will Violet — possibly the world’s most possessive girlfriend — think of Jason’s dreams? And will Andy’s comments about family make Jason re-evaluate his love life?

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Why did Sookie seek Bill out at the end of the episode? Has she discovered a way to find the hostages? Will Andy and Jessica be able to put their differences aside long enough to rescue Adilyn? Is Lettie Mae right that Tara is stuck in limbo and needs her help to pass on, or was that the V talking? And if the dead girl’s diary entries end in 2011, what does that mean for the show’s time-line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The final season of True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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