This episode of True Blood is all about coincidences. Jason is called up to the big house, Daphne knows something, Maryann’s true self is revealed, and Barry arrives. What is the real meaning behind all of these seemingly random events? Let’s try to find out,

Sex, Secrets and Claws

Tara finally moves into Sookie’s place, but it’s the same day Sookie leaves for Dallas.  It’s also Tara’s birthday, but Maryann, Eggs and Carl come over for a surprise birthday party which, of course, turns into an orgy with the whole town stopping by.

Maryann puts on some of her magic mojo and Tara and Eggs start dancing seductively before he takes her upstairs for her birthday present.  He’s decided to give her a Hard-Boiled Eggs, which is my special code name for some hot lovemaking.

Also at the party is Sam, who gets hot and heavy with new waitress Daphne.  But things get as complicated as Denise Richards’ life when Daphne reveals that she knows all about his morphing ability.  It seems like every week, Daphne gets more and more interesting.

Speaking of interesting revelations, Maryann is outside working her mojo by digging into the dirt and summoning the orgy gods, which cause everyone at the party to have sex, eat dirt and fight.  Maryann does her little shake, rattle and roll until her arms turn into monster hands.  Monster hands with three giant claws just like the ones of the half bull that attacked Sookie, killed Miss Jeanette, and clawed Daphne.  So I guess she’s the killer.  Or is she?  I’m guessing True Blood is way too smart to make things that easy.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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