For some lucky viewers tonight, the finale of Harper’s Island will already be hitting their television screens.  The hugely anticipated two-hour finale of the hit series is dawning upon us and the show has kept us on the edge of our seats so far.

Hopefully tonight, the remaining two episodes – “Gasp” and “Sigh” – will finally give us the answers we’ve all been looking for.  There are too many secrets enveloping the island, and for two glorious hours the mystery, like the dearly departed, will be laid to rest at last.

The titles of the final two installments of Harper’s Island sound like they’ve summed up the entire show.  As usual, “Gasp” and “Sigh” hint at the death of a character.  However, this time they could also be clues as to the reaction of the audience.

Anyway, for the first hour of the thriller, we find the remaining survivors trying to avoid their demise and eventually murder John Wakefield (Callum Keith Rennie).  That is, after he tells them what he’s really up to.  It’d be a cop-out for the show if the killer dies before revealing what he intended.

The second hour, “Sigh,” continues the suspense.  There’s supposedly a second killer on the loose, and his or her identity will be discovered in this episode.  Also, we get to find out where the bag of money (introduced in “Ka-Blam”) in the speedboat came from.

Below is a preview of the big finale of Harper’s Island, a true omen of death.  Trish (Katie Cassidy) comes face to face with Wakefield once more while Sully (Matt Barr) tries to find a way out of the island again.  Whether or not he succeeds remains to be seen.

Also on the clip is Abby (Elaine Cassidy) knocking someone unconscious with her gun, and it looks like she finally nailed the killer.  Despite all that action, the most intriguing bit of the video is Jimmy (C.J. Thomason).  “The Old Flame” approaches Abby with caution and tells her that he has something to confess.  Is it a profession of his undying love or will he finally admit to helping Wakefield?

Don’t miss the finale of Harper’s Island tonight on Global and Saturday on CBS.


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-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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