The war is on! Last season True Blood featured a war between the vampires and the witches, but this season its all about the faeries. Russell Edgington strikes first blood while at Vampire Authority HQ, everything is heating up. And there’s another Veronica Mars star to replace Tina Majorino’s Molly.

There Can Be Only One

Bill is having visions of Lilith telling him only one vampire can lead the Sanguinista movement and she has chosen him, asking him to drink all of her blood. The only problem is that all the other Authority members are having the same visions. Eric and Nora manage to escape after killing a general who vows to destroy the vampires (creating another potential war between vampires and humans).

The Plot to Turn Jason

Jessica tries to trick Bill into letting her go warn Jason by claiming she wants to turn him into the vampire. Bill likes this idea and sends guards with her to make sure she does it, but luckily she only pretends to. Don’t worry, folks, Jason is still alive and human.

Fangtasia Drama

Jessica seeks asylum at Fangtasia, where Pam and Tara are finishing up cleaning up Sheriff Elijah. Jessica and Tara have a cute baby vampire bonding moment where Jessica asks if Tara has a crush on Pam (who doesn’t?). Things get bad when Chancellor Rosalny shows up because it turns out Sheriff Elijah was her progeny, so Pam takes the blame for his murder and gets taken into Vampire Authority HQ.

The Faeries

Sookie meets the Elder Faerie, a crazy lady living on multiple planes and frequencies. Fun Fact: Elder Faerie is played by Erica Gimpel, Wallace’s mom from Veronica Mars, making her the second prominent Neptune resident to guest star on this season of True Blood, following Tina Majorino as Molly.

She starts to tell her about Warlow (he’s “Vic…,” whatever that means). Jason shows up to warn them about Russell being on the loose and looking for faerie blood, so Sookie tries to lead a faerie army.

Jason is used at bait to lure Russell and Steve Newlin to the faerie club where the Elder Faerie goes outside to zap Steve. She tries zapping Russell, but he outfoxes her and eats her. High on faerie blood, Russell is able to see the entrance to the faerie club, which is bad news for Sookie and all the faeries inside.

Odds and Ends: Shifters, Babies and Wolves

Elsewhere, Sam and Luna find Emma, but also get captured by the vampires. Sam gets taken to Bill as his dinner and sees Pam on the way. The funniest moment of the episode comes when Sam asks Pam to help Luna, only Pam has no idea who the hell that is.

Andy promises to be a good man to Holly, but then Maurella the faerie shows up at Merlotte’s pregnant with his Halfling baby. At least Terry and Arlene seem happy following that whole “He killed his best friend to save his family from an evil Iraqi fire monster” nonsense.

Finally, Alcide is hanging out with his dad (shirtless, thankfully) and the two team up to fight some baby vamps. It turns out Alcide’s dad is a fan of the Hunger Games, because he busts out a bow and arrow to kill some vampires.

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