Hello again, True Blood folkies.  We were off over the Fourth of July holiday, which is a good thing since we get a break, but not exactly with the show in mind.  No new episode, sure, with HBO deciding to show the first three of the second season all over again, which I didn’t watch because I figured I just watched the newest episode the week before.  And now that we’re dealing with a new episode tonight, I’m wondering what happened last week again.  What again?

Oh, right.  Sookie gets attacked, Tara gets suspicious, Sam gets confused and Jason almost gets it.

So we’re finally set for that Dallas adventure with Sookie, Bill and Eric, on the lookout for whatever monster that was that attacked her, and, as it turns out, Daphne, too.  Finally, a breather after all the crazy things that’s happening in Bon Temps–and, obviously, it’s taken a turn for the worse with Maryann’s Greek chants, which is already a flimsy excuse for things.  I’ve been hearing stuff about vampire hotels and vampire porn when they get to Dallas.  (Speaking of which, I have a friend in Dallas.  Hello Rae!  Don’t let the vamps bite!)

While we can expect more (awkward?) moments between Bill and Sookie, my eyes are towards three other couples, if you’re wondering about them.  Tara and Eggs is turning out to be a fairly awkward couple, and more because she’s growing suspicious over things–he’s too good to be true, Maryann’s being freaky and the rest of the town is.  But dearie, she’s got you by the next, sorts.  On tonight’s episode, Maryann throws her a birthday party, and… you guessed it.

We also ended that last episode with a moment between Sam and Daphne, and looks like he won’t be leaving Bon Temps any time soon: the two will spend some quality time together.  Maybe one of the few moments for us to thank Maryann for something.

But I’m actually more curious about how the Jessica-Hoyt story will turn out.  It’s one of those endearing, aww-shucks moments that you don’t really expect from True Blood (and because the Bill-Sookie moments go oomph oomph oomph of sorts).  Suddenly I think she’s pretty, and I think he’s lucky, but maybe familial units won’t exactly make things easy on them.

But the focus of tonight’s episode is in Dallas, that expedition, and a surprise at the airport.  What, Tru Blood has taxes now?  That, and Jason falling into another one of those Newlin holes, and an Eric-Lafayette encounter that might have something to do with the photo up there–because the latter won’t have a choice, apparently–on tonight’s True Blood, finally returning from that hiatus from 9pm on HBO.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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